Dharavi in Mumbai is the largest slum of Asia. When the first COVID19 case was detected in Dharavi, the entire world got tense. The main reason – the population density of Dharavi is 277,136/km2 which is one of the highest across the globe. A Corona case here depicts that many people will be affected.

Initially, the rate of cases was on a higher end. At the beginning of May, Dharavi was reporting 60 cases per day. However, when we are in mid-June, the rate of corona growth is finally under control. The entire world is now eyeing on Dharavi as a potential success story, from a Corona Hotspot.

What is the success story of Dharavi?

This is How Mumbai's Dharavi is a COVID19-Case Study For Developing Countries?
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The success of controlling Corona growth in Dharavi can be credited to both people as well as the government. Since April, the corona warriors reached 47,500 houses in Dharavi, checking their temperatures, oxygen level, and well-being. After screening 700,000 people, establishing quarantine centers and clinics in the slum was done on priority.

Whoever shown symptoms of Corona, were quickly shifted to nearby quarantine centers. Quarantine Centers were the public schools and nearby sports clubs. From 60 cases/day in May, it is now around 20 cases per day. The recovery rate is almost 51% now.

Kiran Dighavkar, the in-charge of Dharavi, who is also Assistant Commissioner of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said,

“It was next to impossible to follow social distancing. The only option then was to chase the virus rather than wait for the cases to come. To work proactively, rather than reactively.”

About the main reason for success, he adds,

“We were able to isolate people at the early stages. Unlike in the rest of Mumbai, where most patients are reaching hospitals at a very late stage.”

People’s support is also playing a key role in Dharavi’s success. There was full support from their end! Whoever showed symptoms, they reported it on their own. Even all the time medical supervision was available.

We hope that people around the globe get sensitive about Corona. The government has already stated rules, we need to follow them properly! This is the only way to fight COVID19 right now.