COVID19 cases in Mumbai are not coming under control despite so many efforts. Though the cases in Mumbai are high, people are not controlling on their traveling, and then they end up with Corona. In order to curb this menace, Mumbai police have come up with a new idea.

Now, if you travel in Mumbai within a radius of 2-km without any valid reason, then the police might seize your vehicle. It means that all the activities apart from going office and getting essential goods or services should be done within a radius of 2 km.

These rules are in process because with Unlock – 1, people started flocking around beaches and Marine Drive. While the COVID19 cases are at an all-time high, this was not right with the city.

Mumbai police released a set of guidelines that read as follows

  1. All outdoor movements should be strictly restricted for essential activities only
  2. Wearing of face masks is compulsory while moving outdoors
  3. Visits to markets, salons, barbershops, etc. shall be restricted to those within a radius of two km from residence; movement beyond this radius is strictly prohibited
  4. Similarly, the outdoor movement for the purpose of the exercise is strictly prohibited to places within a radius of two km from the residence
  5. Movement beyond two km is permitted only for office goers or medical emergencies
  6. Social distancing is to be followed compulsorily at all times
  7. Shops/markets not following social distancing to be closed down
  8. No movement allowed from 9 PM-5 AM, except for essential activities; during the daytime too, movement restricted to permitted activities with terms and conditions
  9. Vehicles found plying from the local area, without a valid reason, to be compulsorily compounded
  10. Strict action to be taken against people violating the aforementioned norms

We hope that people follow these guidelines properly. It will not only save them from Corona but also their family members and society as a whole.