Indians are a nation of travelers, with outbound travel from the country growing between 15 and 18% every year, according to The Economic Times. Therefore, you’re sure to have a friend or loved one in your life who regularly visits the Indian nation’s favorite hotspots, which include Goa, Dubai, and Singapore. And when it comes to their birthday, Christmas or even their wedding, what better way to show your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate their passion for travel then gifting them a personalized present?


The Best Personalized Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life-minA piece of home 

Globally, the average traveler takes 4.2 trips every year. But Indians rack up an average of 5.6 journeys annually, according to a report from Visa. With Indians spending such a significant amount of time away from home, a handy bag packed full of their beloved items from home makes the perfect personalized gift which they can take on their travels with them. Consider packing your friend or relative’s preferred choice of sweets, chocolate, a photo of their loved ones, their favorite variety of tea, a selection of soaps and knick-knacks that they can’t get their hands on elsewhere in the world.

Photo memories

The traveler in your life will more than likely have taken hundreds of photos of their adventures around the world. However, as one-fifth of Indians own a smartphone, these photos will all be stashed away on their portable device. So it’s a good idea to treat them to a special canvas print packed full of their favorite snaps. CanvasPop makes handmade canvas prints for individuals, meaning every single one is unique. So scour through your loved one’s social media to pick out the best snaps and treat them to a beautiful photo memory they can hang up on their sitting room wall.

Documenting their travels

According to The Economic Times, Indians are exploring the entire world on their travels. Popular destinations include local spot Chithirapuram in Munnar, while Bangkok, Corsica, and Genoa are all gaining popularity among Indian travelers too. With such amazing sites to witness in these locations such as Pothamedu View Point, Calanques de Piana, and the Palazzo Rosso, a beautifully personalized journal with their name, travel destination and a quirky quote on provides the perfect opportunity for travelers to document all that they see and do.

Unique luggage

Every half an hour a complaint is made to an Indian airline regarding baggage being lost or damaged, according to the Daily Mail. Make it as easy as possible for your friend or family member to describe their luggage by gifting them personalized luggage with their initials on or with snaps of their previous adventures on the front. Furthermore, a unique design will make their bag easy to spot on the luggage carousel, meaning they can progress through immigration and relish their adventures without wasting time at the airport.

Indian travelers are embracing the world and are traveling more often than ever before. Therefore, when it comes to gift giving, be sure to take into consideration their love for the world and opt for a personalized gift which highlights and aids the adventures they’ve had and will go on to have.