Best iTunes Alternatives : As we all know that iTunes was first introduced quite some years ago, it brought a revolution in the minds of the music lover. It was the only software then that allowed users to manage their collection of music in their phones. However, with time, iTunes has lost its glory to other alternative apps that outsmarted it in managing the digital music library with much more facilities. Although the managers tried to fix and upgrade iTunes, it never got the throne back, and more and more people are using some of the best alternatives.

The best iTues Alternatives


best itunes alternativesOne can find thousands of iTunes alternatives, but not all are best. Listed below are the ten best alternatives of iTunes that you can use and enjoy the music.

  • WALTR2 (

When it comes to top the list of alternatives for iTunes, this software will always top the list as it is very convenient and powerful. The app is so fast that it transfers music in a whisk. Be it music, videos or pictures the WALTR2 recognizes the file format very easily and uses them to watch through the original applications. One does not need to down any other third party app to play or see the files. WALTR2 is not at all free software, but the charges are quite reasonable considering the features available in it. One can download and try the free trial version and judge the claims before going for the paid version.


As a Mac user, while looking for iTunes alternative for replacing the iTunes, this is the perfect media player that supports almost all popular media formats and that too the latest ones like the MP4A and the CUE. One can listen to more than 30,000 internet radio stations and can stream music through YouTube or SoundCloud. You can get an enchanting stereo quality sound, a cloud storage platform for the music you downloaded and features like the audio engine to control the bass and many more. There is a free version with some limited features as well as a paid version with enhanced features, and one can try the plans that suit best.

  • WinX Media Trans (

If you are looking to transfer music, video or photos from your iPhone, iPad or the computer, then nothing can compete with this application. You can get the facilities like automatic photo backup, dual way music transfer, book organizer, ringtone maker from your downloaded music, video transfer and many more features. It allows encrypting the photo and the video library. Although the app is packed with features, it is not at all cumbersome to use. Install it, connect your phone or device and you are ready to have an enhanced experience much better than iTunes. Download the application which needs to be paid with a 3o day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

  • MusicBee(

If you want a player to manage your files while you enjoy listening to the music, then this is the best player one can have. It effectively manages the files, searches them and plays them according to your demand. It is one of the software that can sync music between your iOS device and the Windows device and this is a great feature as many do not have all gadgets with the same operating systems. In addition to the above, it has a 15 band sound equalizer to adjust the music as per your taste. It even plays the music without any gap and even scales them. The application is free to download and use.

  • Musique (

If you are not that much tech savvy, yet want to have an alternative that will work better than iTunes, and then this application is the best as it is simple to operate but gives a wonderful musical experience. It is very lightweight and does not take much space or hang your phone. One can easily browse according to the genre, folder covers and from the artist’s photos. Even if you had forgotten the lyrics but remember the artist photo or folder, you can easily be able to download or hear that music identifying that way. The app automatically corrects the wrong spelling and gives the track, album or the artist title. The app is available in at least 20 languages and is free to use.

  • Dr.fone (

This app is not just a music player, but a power-packed application for keeping backups or permanently deleting data from your iPhone. It even restores the data that one had deleted accidentally. The application is perfect for them who like to explore various features of their iPhones and experiment with and return to the best set up after finishing the exploration. The application is chargeable, and one needs to pay for using.

  • Swinsian(

It is one of the most advanced music players. One can enjoy the features like the wide format, advanced tag editing, smart playlist, duplicate finder and many more. The app works very vast and never lags. You can control the music playback even through a mini window on the screen. The application allows you to import the complete music library that you have in iTunes. This application is not free.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager (

If you require looking for an application that will look after all your music blues including the transfer of files from the computer to the phone, creating automatic backups including encryption of data for total security, then this is the best. Using the application is very easy. It also helps to manage your photos and albums. One has to pay for using this application.

  • PodTrans (

Use this software for transferring music to your iPods from the computer. One does not even need to have iTunes installed for the app to work. You can manage many types of media files that include videos, movies, and even TV shows. It does not take much time and is free to use.

  • Fidelia(

If you are looking for a powerful app that provides a high quality of digital sound, then Fidelia is for you. It is a high definition audio player to listen to the finest of the music, and one can organize and customize the digital sound quality. The equalizers of the app work magnificently. You need to pay for using the software.


Any of the above apps can be used by you the best iTunes alternatives. Get the best of your music experience installing any on them as per your need. Listen to music to your ears and not sound and enjoy life.