Education is incomplete without passion for learning and passion derives from interest. Interest is something which makes person to prospect about matter of knowledge and this knowledge enhance the skills to complete the cycle of Education. Faculties or Educators at Navrachana University, keep this fact in mind—passion for learning derives from interest to learn, and here they keep that interest alive because they know without interest no one is can keen to learn.

Navrachana University

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Navrachana as a university is an awesome place to learn and apply the skills but there are 7 reasons why it makes Navrachana University an amazing place to study

1) Skill taught with Skills

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When it comes to education, it’s not only the theoretical part which makes the person educated but skills also plays the major role, without skill your education is like tea without sugar—the supplementing and complementing factor. Skill at Navrachana University are taught by the Professors who already possess that skills and that is the reason why Barodians call Navrachana University as—skilled professor with on hand experience.

2) Fusion of Four

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The whole Navrachana University has four pillars on which their school of learning is creating the future of earning for students. At Navrachana University students are offered with various programs under four schools—School of Business and Law, School of Environmental Design and Architecture, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Liberal Studies and Education. This fusion of four at single campus gives nourishment to the ideology of “Together, We create World”, all the four schools works together to shape the students mind learn and earn the skills and that is the reason number two Fusion of Four, to score.

3) Shade of thoughts

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Thoughts are like pre-processor of minds which think and create. At Navrachana University, the thoughts are turned into reality which gives whole university a shade to seat and create something new. Every students has their own thought process, has their own imagination and has their own creativity, faculties at Navrachana University values those thoughts, creativity and imagination to sow the seeds for future generation because thought matter to make better.

4) Experimenting the impossibilities

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Even if you split impossible into two, it will say—I M POSSIBLE and that possibilities are experimented here. The awesomeness of experimenting the things is, you don’t know what result you will get, it maybe something unbelievable. Faculties and Educators at Navrachana University helps the student to experiment the undiscovered truth to increase the horizon & scope for students and to build the stepping stone. Discover the unknown makes this university a better place to learn.

5) Excellence in teaching by style of teaching

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A teacher has the power to shape students future, it is by them who teaches for the betterment of the society. Here at Navrachana University, faculties and educators had already excelled in the style of teaching. It is them, who know how to make theories more interesting by connecting the dots with real-life example because things which are appealing is more often real.

6) Six sixes with six Goals

Navrachana University has six key goals, insights to professional education, cross-fertilizing with interdisciplinary education, educating with general education, process of learning more effective and under real environment, inculcate a research driven education and lastly focus on entrepreneurship education to create something new. All these six goals align with each other and make the program worth effective to invest in betterment of individual as well as society. At par, these six dimensions helps students to hit six sixes in six dimension of life.

7) Preparing the future by keeping the present alive

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A student or individual excels in life only if they goal into the future by living in present. At Navrachana University they prepare the aspiring minds of today in such way that it becomes the inspiring minds of future and this minds help the society to prosper and excel in all sorts of life.