This sounds weird at first but this is the truth, Almost everyone out here will never believe that their is a country on this planet that is free from violence and crime, Yes you hear us right, A country without crime scenes. In our country people are always seen doing some or the other thing that affects some one personally or physically and we tend to see them behind bars.

But what will you do if their is no prison in your country? Surprised or Shocked?

In 2013, their were on 19 prisons in Amsterdam because it is one of the safest country in the world. Now after 5 years in 2018 Amsterdam is struggling to find criminals to put behind bars as their is no crime or violence in the country. Out of 19, Around 5 are about to get shut by end of this summer, well we sure know Amsterdam is in fix.

Shutting prison means around 2000 people will loose jobs and 700 people will be transferred to some other roles available in the government jobs. This means they have succeed as Government and system, All thanks to the Citizens of Amsterdam.

It was noted since 2004 that the crime rate in Amasterdam was going down, No one was after anyone’s life. We think people of Amsterdam believe in Live and let others also Live.

Because of Empty prisons, last year Amsterdam had to import prisoners from Norway to keep their system running. Amsterdam has a total population of 17 Million and out of that only 11,600 people are locked up in prison.

It means only 69 incarcerations per 100,000 people are in Prison in Amsterdam.

Well, i am shifting to Amsterdam asap. How about you?