Where’s The Panda can you spot it ? 

With the holiday season around, artist Gergely Dudás who is famous as Dudolf on social media has put up a picture of a lot of snowman with one panda in it.

dudolf find the panda picture

After Dudolf shared this picture, people have gone crazy on the internet with over 139,442 shares and 72,737 likes. The picture got viral mainly because it is very difficult to spot the panda.

Human mind can spot one change immediately but it is very difficult to spot when two or more patterns are combined. You can find such images only with a lot of concentration.

For example you will be able to spot a red circle very easily.

spot red circle in image dudolf

Check this horizontal black bar? you will be able to spot it easily.

spot horizontal black bar

Now in the spot the horizontal red bar, you will take some time to find it.

spot horizontal red bar dudolf

Hint :- If you are looking for panda in the image then remember one thing,  Pandas don’t have carrots for noses.

Source: The Dudolf