Separated from India by a short flight over the Arabian Sea, Oman makes for an unforgettable trip. However, what exactly makes Oman so special, and why should you travel there?

Besides the extremely easy process to obtain an Oman visa for Indian nationals, Oman is full of cultural wonders, adventures, and unique landscapes.

Six Reasons to Travel to Oman

1) Legendary Omani Hospitality

You’ve all heard of legendary Middle Eastern hospitality, but Oman takes it to the next level! In fact, they even have a special word, karam, to describe this ancient art.

Everywhere you go, you will be greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. Even the local bazaar salesperson can invite you to have a cup of tea with him (or invite you to his friends’ wedding)! In cafes and restaurants, you might be treated to a complimentary dish from the chef, or a whole set of appetizers while you decide what to order. Regardless of whether the locals know you or not, they will certainly be happy to welcome you as a guest to their country.

2) Delicious and Exotic Cuisine

If you like trying new foods, wait until you’ve tasted Omani cuisine! Recipes for some of the most popular national dishes have been passed down from generation to generation and, thanks to this, they have only improved over time.

Oman’s cuisine is rich with exotic seasonings and various cooking methods, which makes each dish unique and flavorful. One of the most famous (and delicious) Omani dishes is called shuwa, which is marinated meat cooked in a pit of hot coats. The chef covers the meat with palm leaves and puts it in a deep hole in the ground, where it slowly cooks for a few hours to two days.

3) Colorful and Vibrant Bazaars

Bazaars may have originated in the Middle East, but Oman perfected them. Visiting a traditional bazaar in Oman will leave you amazed and full of memories that will stay with you for life.

What makes Omani bazaars so special? First off, you can find anything and everything while strolling through the maze-like alleys and streets of the souk. Just to give you an idea, you can find handmade goods, ornate clothing, artisanal silver, and copper decor, ceramics, and delicious food. Walking around these souks is an adventure in itself, and one can spend a whole day wandering around and buying things that catch his or her eye!

Secondly, Oman still retains its historic tradition of the Nizwa Goat Market. Just like the name says, sellers walk around in a circle with the goat they wish to sell until a buyer calls them over. From there, the real fun begins haggling until an agreement is reached!

 4) Interesting Festivals

Omani festivals are legendary for their lively atmosphere and unique traditions. In fact, during a national holiday, the entire country turns into one big party complete with costumes, delicious food, and upbeat dances.

If you want to join in on the fun, some of Oman’s top festivals are National Day (November 18), Renaissance Day, and the Salalah Tourism Festival.

However, perhaps the most legendary holiday is the Muscat Festival. This festival is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Omani culture and celebrate traditions with locals. During the festival, you can expect to see theater, circus, and music performances, as well as delicious gastronomy tastings and even camel racing!

5) Adventures in Nature

Just like the country, Oman’s nature is diverse and interesting.

For example: if you wish to see fjords but don’t want to travel all the way to Norway, just visit the Musandam Peninsula! These ‘Arabian fjords’ are made up of sunken valleys, bays, and deep inlets. In Salalah, southern Oman, nature comes alive in the form of lush green tropics and splashing waterfalls, palm trees, and crystal clear waters.

For those who want to dive deep and enjoy the underwater world, Oman is also an ideal destination! Diving is extremely popular here and both beginners and experienced divers will find something interesting.

For adventurous travelers, there is an entire list of interesting activities like water skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, kitesurfing, and cave exploration. For something a little more traditional, join a desert safari, excursion to a Bedouin settlement, or overnight camping in the desert.

6) Stunning Resorts

After exploring Oman’s souks, making friends with locals, enjoying the national cuisine, and celebrating festivals, it’s time to kick back and relax. Thankfully, Oman also has fantastic resorts!

With top-class amenities like infinity pools, gastronomical buffets, luxurious spas, private beaches, and more, you won’t want to leave Oman once it’s time to head back home!

Some of the most popular resorts include Al Bustan Palace, Chedi, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, and Crowne Plaza Muscat.