Getting wet is the best way of cooling off the summer heat during the holidays. Over the years, boating activities have grown in popularity, with some offering nerve-jerking adventures while others suit the adrenaline-deficient holidaymakers. If you are going to add some sense of adventure to your holiday this season, here are the top boating activities you can do with your family and friends.

Exciting Boating Activities

1) White water rafting

You don’t have to head to the coast for boating activities. Consider taking part in one of the inland’s most thrilling watersports, white water rafting. The game is an ideal team-building activity suitable for adults and older teenagers. The experience of riding an inflatable on speeding water rapids is pulsating and not for the faint of hearts.

If you are inexperienced or can’t access natural rapids, you can consider visiting the nearest public water sports center that has artificial water rafts to have a more controlled white water rafting experience. White water rafting is an extreme sport and requires guidance and surveillance from a professional white water rafter.

2) Flyboarding

Forget the cheap thrills from your park skateboard or a roller skate; flyboarding is an ideal boating activity for adrenaline junkies. The game requires some experience, and your first few tries will likely end in hilarious fails. However, the feeling of getting propelled rapidly into the air from water is worth trying.

3) Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding involves surfing on wakeboarding while being dragged by a boat. A wakeboard rope is fastened onto the wakeboard tower of the boat. The surfer then holds on to the string and steps on the wakeboard.

As the boat gains speed, you are dragged over the water while on your wakeboard. With several tries, you learn some wakeboarding acrobatics. Wakeboarding is ideal in areas that have calm waters unsuitable for surfing.

Your wakeboarding equipment has a significant impact on your overall wakeboarding experience, and it is prudent to source your equipment from a reputable source such as Aerial Wakeboarding.

4) Kayaking

If you are after something less scary, something ideal for a family morning activity, kayaking is your ideal boating activity. Kayaks range from small solo watercraft to giant boats suitable for a team of eight. Despite being one of the top Olympic open water sports, kayaking can be a great leisure activity.

Always remember to wear safety gear when out kayaking and parents are advised to keep a keen eye on the young ones. Kayaking should be done on tested and certified waters without rapids and falls.

5) Canoeing

Unlike kayaking, canoeing uses a one-bladed paddle and is often done by two people. It is an old fashioned type of kayaking and offers absolute tranquillity of boating. Kayaking and canoeing are two physically demanding water sports and can be done as a physical workout.

6) Surfing

An extreme and professional water sport, surfing is a preferred activity for many people. The game requires excellent skills to remain on top of the surfing board while riding giant water waves and the courage to do it. If your bones and muscles can still allow it, why not give it a try?

7) Sailing

Sailing, a revolutionary means of transport for centuries, has evolved to be a popular water sport in many countries. For instance, Australia hosts annual sailing competitions that draw participants from various parts of the globe in their thousands.

However, if you want a less engaging open seas experience, why not put up the sails on your boat and sail away? The aspect of manipulating wind sails to grain or reducing boat speed and direction gives you a medieval pirate-like cruising experience.

8) Fishing

Who said boating activities have to be a physically demanding sport? Spend your time with family and friends out fishing. This activity is ideal for anyone, but it is most suitable for seniors who have lost interest in adrenaline-pumping experiences. Finding the right fishing equipment and fishing areas can enhance your fishing experience. Get out now and grasp your Sardine trophy!

9) Water skiing

If you are a skiing enthusiast, finding snow in summer is mythical, but why not grab water skiing gear and hone your skiing skills against giant waves? Water skiing skills might slightly differ from snow skiing, but the vibe and thrill of a different experience are worth trying.

10) Jet boating

Jet boating involves riding a boat in open waters at insanely high speeds. Jet boats are specifically designed for this sport. They are more balanced and light than regular boats. Nonetheless, you should be careful when riding on rivers and narrow water channels. Additionally, it would be best to consider other water users as jet boat accidents are common and fatal.

11) Stand up paddling

You can add this activity to your workout routine when trying to fight muscle imbalance, or when taking a stroll into the serene open waters. Some people use their SUP boards for yoga. In places where the water is clear, SUP is one of the best ways to explore the underwater environment if you don’t have diving equipment.

12) Canyoning

If you are not afraid of heights, life-threatening rocks, and crazy waterfalls, you must have considered doing canyoning by now. All it takes is leaving your boat downstream and then working your way upstream. Canyoning requires professional rope climbing skills and is an outstanding leadership and team-building activity for young people. It would be best if you had all the appropriate equipment before you embark on canyoning.

13) Foot skiing

Is wakeboarding too easy for you? Well, you can opt to toss away the wakeboard and ski on your bare feet. All you need is a rope tied to the wakeboard tower dragging you at insanely high speed.

14) Jet surfing

Since we cannot control water waves and winds, why not have an electric powered surfboard? This allows you to continue perfecting your surfing skills on calm days.


There are many boating activities that one can try every once in a while. Some are thrilling and scary, while others are perfect for general family experiences. It is high time you add a boating activity to your bucket list.