Facebook – a platform that was created to connect people, but now the platform is overloading with meme pages, and people are continuously exchanging funny memes with their loved ones to have a bit of fun from their busy schedule. Nowadays memes have become the source of fun, and there is a number of Facebook memes pages that are followed by millions of people, and the creators or owners of those Facebook accounts are also putting a lot of effort to bring cherished into people’s life.

Moving ahead, let us look at the best meme pages available on Facebook:

Top 15 Best Meme Pages on Facebook

Meme Pages on Facebook

1) 9GAG

When it comes to finding some hilarious, and cool meme pages, 9Gag tops the list because it has millions of lovers, and indeed some of the funniest memes. The creativity level of the 9Gag team is just amazing, and it is one of those pages that you can scroll the whole day to find new memes.

2) Sarcasm

Sarcasm is one of the most visited and loved Facebook meme pages by meme lovers. This page was created a few years back, and since then the owners and team of the Sarcasm team had come up with brilliant concepts, and memes that have made this page an overnight sensation. Today, there are more than 40 million likes on this page, and still more, and more people are sharing the funniest jokes by downloading them from the Sarcasm page.

3) Don’t Get Serious

As the name suggests, there is no such post on this page that can spoil your mood, instead, memes available on this page can refresh your bad mood by making you laugh or smile. You can simply visit the page of Don’t get serious at any time of the day to find the funniest and coolest memes.

They also share funny videos on Facebook that you can download for free and use it.

4) Laughter Colors

Yet another best meme page that you will find on Facebook is Laughter Colours. If you want to crack a joke in front of someone, and looking for some fun ideas, then the best thing you can do is find the jokes or PJs on Laughter Colors. If you had done a mistake, and looking for some way to make up for it, then sharing a meme is the best way to go for.

5) Memes

As we are discussing memes, there is no chance we can miss mentioning this page. Memes is an official Facebook page having more than 8.9 million likes where you can find cool memes on any niche such as health, food, lifestyle, Bollywood, politics, and more.

6) Student Problems

Student problems is a meme account whose origin is in the U.K. This page specifically focuses on students who are studying in schools, and colleges or doing some nation-serving courses. It does not create or post funny memes but also motivates students to deal with their problems.

7) Viral Thread

In the world of the internet, any kind of incident might get viral overnight, and keeping this point into consideration, the Viral Thread is created where along with some cool memes, you will also come across funny videos that you can easily share with your friends, family or loved ones.

8)  College Humor

The College Humor page is created by CollegeHumor Media. The page was created by two school friends who decided to start this page. Their only motto was to deliver all sorts of comedy factors to cheer up the audience.

9) Sarcasm Society

Sarcasm society is also the most visited page where you can find cute, and memes full of love that you can use to share with your buddies.

10) Know Your Meme

You can visit the Know Your Meme page, and find out thousands of funny memes that you can share with your friends. You can also visit their Instagram page, and find out which is the most suitable meme that you can share with your circle.

11) Indian Memes

If you want to find the typical Indian memes where you can find funny dialogue memes or political memes or viral news memes, the Indian page is the best page that you can visit.

12) Keep Smiling Memes

Memes don’t always memes “funny”, something they are simple enough to convert your boring day into laughter. These memes are awesome enough to send on a daily basis.

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These are some of the most popular Facebook meme pages that you can visit, and enjoy your day. Stay tuned with us to know more about which types of memes that you can share.