Popular Dissertation Topics in the University of Minnesota


The importance of writing a dissertation in the academic world cannot be ignored. Students need a lot of time to write a good dissertation because the quality of their research will determine the grade they’ll get in the end.

If you can do your research effectively and present information that fills a research gap in the literature, you work will not only be interesting to read but also give other researchers a chance to continue with your work.

Popular Dissertation Topics in the University of Minnesota

The majority of students bow to pressure while writing their dissertations. This doesn’t have to happen to you. There are lots of online resources that will help you write easily and quickly. Today, we are going to discuss the popular dissertation topics at the University of Minnesota. Let’s get started!

1) Complicating Indigenization and Internationalization

Today, most higher education institutions do not prioritize internationalization. However, intercultural learning has positively impacted internationalization, especially in Canada. Learning institutions in Canada have adopted indigenization by engaging people from different backgrounds with indigenous knowledge.

This dissertation was written for the sole purpose of examining how a learning institution in Canada intersected the strategic priorities of interculturalization and internationalization. Data was gained through document review, interviews and observations.

Throughout the dissertation, there are two arguments. First, the framework of a business has the potential of motivating interculturalization. And second, engagement in higher education has been on the rise and this has supported indigenization.

2) Border Resistance and Racialized Criminalization of Health Care

This dissertation investigates how the healthcare of immigrants is affected. This makes them exploitable and vulnerable in the long run. Clinics operating at checkpoints near the borders leave migrant patients who are likely to be deported from accessing emergency medical services.

In most cases, humanitarian organizations provide health care to both undocumented and uninsured migrants without coming in between the immigration enforcement agencies.

With the concept of bio citizenship in mind, this dissertation argues that medical belonging based on humanity goes beyond the ways of dichotomies of deserving migrants. Migrants have health needs that need to be addressed quickly. And this dissertation is centered around this discussion.

3) Developing Arithmetic Sense to Enhance Mathematical Achievement

Mathematicians and psychologists have discovered that the majority of people use several arithmetic strategies to solve arithmetic problems quickly and effectively. Arithmetic fluency is the result of using fact retrieval strategies to solve both simple and complex problems.

However, little attention has been focused on arithmetic sense. After a series of studies performed at different levels of education, results show that arithmetic fluency and sense are based on the grade level and its one of the best predictors of achievement in mathematics.

You can order assignment here, arithmetic sense in college is the most important factor that determines how quickly one’s algebraic skills develop and improve.

4) Spotting Arithmetic opportunities in student thinking

This dissertation investigated how teachers can recognize mathematical opportunities in the way a student thinks. Research showed that teachers can quickly notice how students think in an arithmetic class.

A student’s way of thinking was determined by the actions of the teacher, the task at hand and group work. Students in a particular group tend to think as a single entity. This is one of the best topics for dissertation since it discusses how teachers can notice if a student is learning or not.

5) Air Cleaning System for Urban Areas

Air pollution is one of the issues that is affecting people’s health and living conditions in urban areas. In the dissertation, the author proposes a Solar Large Scale Cleaning System to separate particular matter from atmospheric air through the use of filters.

The author narrates how the air cleaning machine will work to clean urban air and improve peoples’ lives. We need such systems to be put in place especially in areas or regions with high industrial activities.

Air pollution has been reported to be one of the causes of terminal diseases such as cancer and respiratory infections. It’s crucial for organizations to analyze how they conduct their operations and how they are affecting the environment. When executives focus on profitability more than the environment, they may end up killing a lot people in the long run. Losing wealth cannot be compared to losing heath.


These are some of the popular dissertation topic ideas at the University of Minnesota. By reading them, you’ll have a clue about how you’re going to write yours. When writing a dissertation, time is everything. Do not wait until the eleventh hour to start working on it. There is a reason why your professor gave you a lot of time to work on it.

Also, choose the right topic. The last thing you want to happen is choosing a topic that is too broad or shallow. In both cases, you’ll waste a lot of time before getting on track. Choose a topic that you like from the dissertation topic list because your success will depend on your commitment.


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