PDPU LitFest 2016 A Must Visit College Festival


Literary fests, in no way or form, are particularly rare affairs. Many come and go with little to no noise and the general perception amongst the lot is that they are just events featuring a few authors talking on and on about their contributions to the world of literature and little kiosks selling books, with the event being frequented by those who are labelled as “nerdy”, which automatically make these events look boorish on the exterior.

But then, none of those events are what PDPU organises every year in the form of Jharokha’s annual LitFest. Yes, we are back with even grander and more hip and happening schemes than we did in our much talked about and successful offerings last year for the literary junkies. In the wake of current unrest in the world, the theme we have chosen this year is REVOLUTION (For Peace). This is the thought that’s been growing in our minds, in chai kitlis, in classrooms, in offices and chatrooms across the world, we need a Revolution. And we need a Revolution for Peace.

PDPU LitFest 2016 A Must Visit College FestivalBut wait, it’s not just all about the bookworms! Indulge in all the fun activities we shall have going on and rest assured, you shall not regret even a second of it. Let the poet inside you bumble on to the outside in Kavyanjali, which is a poetry recitation competition, and let the speaker inside you take the stage at JAM.
You can also satisfy your insatiable desire for debating by checking out the “Socrates Debate” session or choose to tell stories through photographs by attending our specially organised workshop.
Adding a few more cards to our sleeve this year, we’re happy to bring forth the “Recording Live” competition, which is aimed at developing the concept of mass communication and journalism and shall offer its participants the chance to showcase their reporting skills.
Cash prizes are involved so hopefully there shall be no lack of motivation on the end of the competitors!
PDPU LitFest 2016 is going to see some stellar performances by Loknaad and the Kranti (NGO) Girls and the fest will come to a grand ending with a special MEGANITE! With plays, musical performances, Talk shows, Events and some unmentionable surprises, PDPU LitFest 2016 is set to be a massive success, and is something that you should not miss.
You can register yourself at www.litfestpdpu.com and also check out Facebook Page PDPU LitFest. All in all, it’s gonna be a blast as usual this year so gear up and move forth to the grandest Litfest of em’ all!

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