We are sure you must be aware about the Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova who under the knife multiple time to look like a doll. But there we have one more beautiful girl who has naturally places features just like a doll, Her name is Kina Shen. Below we have shared few photos of here and we are sure you will be confused if she is a human or a doll.

Kina Shen is a Instagram Sensation and an Model who has got millions of followers due to here looks. She looks beautiful just like a doll.

If you look closely to here photos, It will be difficult for you to spot if she is real human or a doll. Their are lot of girls out their on the internet who would do anything to look like a doll, but Kina is born with natural features like a doll.

She has flawless facial features just like a doll and he skin is soft and beautiful. She is a talented makeup artist which adds more beauty to here looks.

A lot of people are not convinced that she is just a normal girl like others, Also se posts regular photos on Instagram which makes her followers confused if she is a doll or a normal girl.

Kina shen has millions of followers on instagram

She posts videos of her doing makeup on Instagram and Youtube which will surely clear all your doubts of her being a normal girl and not a doll.

Kina Shen looks beautiful without makeup also. She is equally pretty like a doll without makeup and let us tell you, her bare pics make her look more elegant.

If you notice her Instagram account, you will see that she loves to take pictures in dark share.

Did you like her photos? What are you waiting for? Just go visit her Instagram account and let us know in comment section if you were able to see if she is real human or a doll.