1) Golden Temple

golden temple langar

If you are visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar then don’t forget to have the delicious meal at the langar and the taste the halwa prasad which is very yummy. People can Volunteers for the making of food and cleaning the utensils. The food at langar is very hygienic and tasty. Almost 1,00,000 people are fed by the kitchen of Golden Temple every day.  Usually you will find vegetarian food served at the langar so that all the people can have food together. The langar is open 24 hours a day.

2) Sukhdi At Jinalaya Jain Temple, Mahudi

sukhadi at mahudi prasad

Jinalaya Jain Temple of Shri Ghantakarna Mahavir in Mahudi is a very religious place where people come for prayers. Free food is offered to all the people who come to the temple, Sukhdi offerings are made which is supposed to be eaten within the premises of the temple, taking the prasad outside is not permitted .

3) Iskon Temple

iskon temple free food

Iskon temple is a very beautiful place to visit. you’ll feel very peaceful at the temple. The temple offers free food for dinner and lunch to the people visiting in form of prasadam. Even free prasad is distributed to all the people visiting temeple. If you are visiting Iskon Temple then don’t forget to visit the evening aarti which will make you feel very peaceful and take you to a whole different world.

4) Udupi Sri Krishna Matha

krishana mutt udupi

The temple is well organised by the temple authority, there are proper orderly queues and direction to follow into the temple. Good food arrangement is available here and offerings can be made in form of Prasadam. The temple offers free food at the Bhojana Shaalas for every one at it’s three dining halls.

5) Dharmasthala Temple In Karnataka

dharmasthala in Karnataka

This is a very beautiful temple with clean surroundings. You should not miss The food here as it is very tasty and yummy. Around 10,000 pilgrims visit this temple everyday and a mechanised kitchen provides free food to everyone.

If you know any other religious place which offer free food and has langar then do let us know by commenting beleow.