Call him King Khan or Bazigaar, romance is what pops up in your mind when you hear about ShahRukh Khan. Most of us have a “Shahrukh does only romantic movies” concept stuck in our mind. But here is every Shahrukh fan’s initiative to convince you that King Kahn is much more than just romance.

1) Darr (1993)

Fear is just an individual’s perception of a potential threat or danger. Mr. Khan teaches the viewers on how not to let fear be the cage that encloses you.

Do You Know Why Shahrukh Khan Is Much More Than Romance

2) Ram Jaane (1995)

As always, Shahrukh shows his “too cool” approach in this movie. Convinces us to stop worrying about the ‘labels’ others give us and how the world perceives the human we are. The ‘labels’ others give us are just the portrayal of their constrained knowledge about us. A person can never be defined by what the world says about him but by what he is by his heart.

Do You Know Why Shahrukh Khan Is Much More Than Romance

3) Chak de India (2007)

Oh the movie that never fails in filling us all up with love for our nation every time we watch it! The sportsmanship and confidence of Shahrukh Khan’s character not only taught us to stay dedicated towards our goals, through all the obstacles, but also shows how to turn the things pulling you back to your strongest strengths. And not to forget the ‘Sattar minute’ speech that gets us all thrilled. It has definitely left within us a true sense of being a Hindustani.

Do You Know Why Shahrukh Khan Is Much More Than Romance

4) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995)

The movie that ruled our hearts did not only give us epic dialogues like “Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain” but also makes us respect the Indian values we carry, no matter in which part of the world we reside.

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge

5) Kal ho na ho

As the name suggests, live today because you never know what tomorrow shall have for you. Being grateful for what you have today rather than cribbing and crying about things that you don’t have is more worth. Worrying about the future and regretting about the past are just a waste of time, instead enjoy the every little moment of today because KAL HO NA HO.

Kal ho na ho