We all know how heavily Tech companies charge to make an App and one similar incident happened in IBM. The US government airport security wanted to develop an App and for that they consulted IBM. It was a simple App which was supposed to direct people at the airport and for this simple App IBM charged US Govt Rs 9.5 crores ($ 1.4 million) .

Sandesh Suvarna Developed App In Just 4 Minutes For Which IBM Charged 9.5 Crore Rs


This App was not very complex and difficult to make. It was only supposed to point left or right to the passengers at the airport and filter them at the airport in two lines for security checkpoints. You can estimate how much money such app cost . it’ll be very cheap to develop this kind of App.

Sandesh Suvarna an ex-employee of IBM turns up and develops this App in just 4 minutes and steals the show. He has done B.E from – NMAMIT. Nitte and his M.Tech from – SJCE, Mysore.

Cherry on the cake is that Sandesh managed to make the App live and recorded the time spent to make the App on youtube.  Checkout the video below

Sandesh totally nailed it !