Speeches tend to be a great way of improving one’s speaking skills. Students who perform speeches undergo rigorous processes to prepare these projects, which also boost their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making. That is why professors focus on giving such assignments to students. Having the freedom of choice, you can select whatever subject you want to talk about. Be it an informative speech, persuasive speech, or argumentative speech, you have to demonstrate your proficiency in a specific field. But what if a student can select any topic, but doesn’t know what to choose? In this case, many seek speech writing service to get help with interesting speech topics for college students. No matter whether you are a teacher or student, read this article to find out the best speech topics for college students.

Speech Topics for College Students

Speech topics for marketing students

If you are a student and have a knack for marketing, this section is for you. Selecting one of these topics, you will provide the audience with some useful marketing tips.

  1. Social Media and Business Marketing: how the first influences the second?
  2. The importance of an advertising topic: should you include in your business or not?
  3. Is it essential to have an analytical section in your corporation?
  4. Unethical advertising content
  5. How can an advertising campaign change your company?
  6. The pros and cons of online marketing
  7. Best marketing tips for (field you are interested in the most) company
  8. What mistakes do you have to avoid?
  9. Which marketing strategy is the most effective?
  10. A global company that has made the best marketing decisions

Speech topics for social science students

Many young people want to connect their lives with social sciences. Social sciences can be different; starting from economics and ending with anthropology, they have different goals. However, they all examine various aspects that relate to human life. Therefore, check the following list of topics that correspond with social sciences:

  1. Career prospects after graduation from school
  2. What should every social science learner know?
  3. How to reach the most meaningful information online?
  4. Which journals and academicians are the best to follow?
  5. Which resources to follow to know current social issues?
  6. What was the root cause of the beginning of the digital era?
  7. Anthropology: the same history or not?
  8. Past and present events – what impact do they have
  9. People’s preferences a century ago and now: differences and similarities
  10. The most robust world economies: which one had a thorny path?

Speech topics for those who are interested in gender studies

It goes without saying gender studies are in the limelight right now. If you don’t jump on the bandwagon and have been heavily into gender studies for years, consider choosing a topic from the list:

  1. Women liberation movement: driving factors of its launching
  2. The hidden picture of Chinese women: their role in the country’s development and culture
  3. Why children and women struggle the most in wars and violence?
  4. Are women equal to men when it comes to politics?
  5. Why is there a comparison of who a better parent is?
  6. Penury and parenting: how to combat destitute without damaging family relations
  7. Women and the Islamic World
  8. Feminism nowadays: a genuine concept or self-contradictory idea?
  9. Religion and women: which religious branch is the most and least tolerant toward females
  10. Men and women in work: the most vivid differences and ways to fix them

Speech topics on business and management

Many students aspire to enrich their knowledge in business by entering different universities or running start-ups. Thus, the topics would be a great way of improving their area of expertise.

  1. How to organize a day to complete everything you have planned?
  2. How to manage a COVID-19 crisis?
  3. How to foster civil and social responsibility?
  4. How to lead a business in undeveloped countries?
  5. High taxes and low salaries: should you terminate your business in a state or have approximately zero revenue but hire employees and run the company?
  6. Significance of advertising in every organization
  7. Business plan and its repercussions
  8. Remote working: is it more or less effective?
  9. Vital resources one has to possess to run a business
  10. Platforms where the business will prosper

Speech ideas on law and justice

Plenty of youngsters have a knack for law from an early age. Indeed, becoming an attorney, you are sure to have a prestigious job at a company or be self-employed. That is why not only do you have to possess solid knowledge and ample experience in law and cases, but also you have to be able to speak flawlessly and be compelling. To brush up your oral skills, have a glance at the following list:

  1. Government regulations: which are necessary and which should be eliminated?
  2. Socially irresponsible companies and how to persuade them to be otherwise?
  3. A distorted image of police today
  4. European law and US law: advantages and drawbacks
  5. Law in Asia: what values are prioritized?
  6. Juvenile delinquents: how to deal with them?
  7. Church and law: should the former be more regulated by the latter?
  8. How should the ideal country look?
  9. How to unveil injustice?
  10. Bureaucracy and law: how to simplify and accelerate the process?

Other good speech ideas

If you don’t know what you are interested in, you can choose a topic among the following list. They don’t strictly relate to specific study fields.

  1. Tertiary education: the advantages and disadvantages
  2. Video games and their impact on online learning
  3. Do security cameras make us feel safer?
  4. Poverty in Africa: ways of preventing it
  5. Which tax system is the best, and why?
  6. Stereotypes among friends/parents: which are real and which are imposed
  7. The words political steps the US has ever made
  8. Intermittent fasting: reasons why you should do that
  9. Getting rid of meat – vegetarianism/veganism is a new lifestyle
  10. Teachers should become a middle class and pay fewer taxes


Regardless of whether you are an educator or a student, this comprehensive list of best speech topics will help you think of fantastic ideas for the project. Indubitably, this list can be prolonged with dozens of other topics. However, these are the most versatile and suitable ideas for each and every student.