India has successfully launched the Chandrayaan 2 at 2:43 p.m. In Australia it was night time of 7:30 p.m. Australians get to witness a strange light in the sky over the northern territory and Queensland. That strange light left most of the Australian think about UFO!. A witness spotted the strange light over the Julia creek Caravan park, which is in the remote side of the north-west Queensland. 

They were trying to reach the news channel Facebook pages to figure out what that’s strange light was. Even the Councillor McKinlay Shire witnessed that strange light in the sky. He was having dinner for the non-profit organization along with other 160 people. One of the guests was surprised to see the bright light in the sky and ask everyone to look at it. 

As described by one of the tourists, it was an unusual light with extreme brightness along with a tail on it. That strange light was traveling fast in the sky for about 2-3 minutes and faded out quickly. They are completely confused about what they witnessed, they were having no idea what it was and it was a completely unusual incident. A person named Jacob Blunt captures the video of that strange bright light which they were witnessing in the sky. 

In that video clip he was heard saying that “Look at it, it is an alien or UFO”. It was later confirmed that the bright light they saw in the night sky is actually the rocket that was launched by India. This is India’s second attempt to get to the moon and launch satellite of their own. Although it was an exciting moment for the Australians, who mistakenly thought that it was an alien spaceship or UFO!.