In rural areas of India, most of the amenities which are available in the cities are not easily accessed. Hospital and various public transportation system are not available in rural areas. To improve this situation, West Bengal is trying to improve the quality of the treatment in rural areas. There is planning going on to use hi-tech drones in order to deliver medical supplies in rural areas in the state. 

West Bengal government is hiring experts for developing the Drone delivery system. Healthcare facilities in the remote areas call not much developed due to the availability of the supplies is low in the hospitals and clinics. After using the drone medicine delivery system, rural areas in the West Bengal will easily get the medicinal supply in the hospital and clinics. As a result, healthcare development will take another leap to give the complete access of the treatment and supplies even in the rural areas. 

Head of the West Bengal monitoring cell, Colonel Diptendu Chatterjee (Retd) stated that they are excited to introduce the aerial Robotics in order to improve healthcare facilities in the remote villages of West Bengal. This development will soon to be implemented, as healthcare is the key idea of Mamata Banerjee Government. After the idea is applied in the field, there will be a pilot study done by the West Bengal government. 

If the idea will be successful, then the program will be used right ahead. Drone delivery system will be the best benefits for delivering medical supplies in the government hospitals. In the areas like Darjeeling, Sundarbans and various remote villages in West Bengal will get this Drone delivery service. This will be another state to improve the healthcare development in West Bengal by the Mamata Banerjee government.