Why is it important to check the random blood sugar levels?

One of the best ways to keep diabetes under control is by keeping the random blood sugar levels in a predetermined level. The test would measure the levels of glucose in the blood. If the levels are above 200 mg/dL, you would be suffering from the classic symptoms of a high blood sugar level. You would have excessive thirst, a blurry vision and feel the urge for urination at night. The doctor would diagnose you with diabetes. If you do not have high blood sugar levels, you might need to give another test for further evidence.

Why is it important to check the random blood sugar levels?

The high blood glucose levels can be a sign that proper functions are not being carried out by the body. Serious health complications can result without proper treatment. The blood glucose levels is a good and powerful information which can be used to maintain proper health. Proper steps can be taken to lower the blood glucose levels if you see that the levels are quite high. You can even try losing weight. It is important to get regular physical exercise. Also, medications that lower blood glucose levels can be used.

Why is it important to measure blood glucose for diagnosing type 2 diabetes?

The diet involves 3 main sources of energy – carbohydrates, fats and proteins. As carbohydrates are digested, they become a primary source of energy – glucose, a form of sugar. There are a few hormones and the actions of these hormones – amylin, insulin, glucagon and incretins – acting in conjunction, control how the glucose is used in the body. When the hormones no longer work the way they should be, there are elevated levels of blood glucose in the body and it is known as type 2 diabetes.

To make sure that there are no bacteria harming your body and causing symptoms, you can use the ASO titre. This test looks for certain antibodies that are devised against toxins and antigens from group A streptococcus bacteria.

How would the random blood glucose tests be conducted?

The random blood glucose tests require taking samples of blood. Unlike the FBS test which requires the person to fast before the test, there is no requirement for a fast. A healthcare professional at the doctor’s office would collect a sample of blood by inserting a needle into the vein. The test would be quick and discomfort should be minimum.

The collection of the blood sample is quite similar to the chikungunya test. This test is required to confirm if a person has been infected by the virus.

What is meant by the results of the random blood glucose tests?

The blood glucose levels would be varying widely depending on the time of the meals and what is being eaten. So the results would be depending on when you are taking the test. The blood glucose level of a person should be under 125 mg/dL. When you wake up in the morning, you haven’t had any meals for quite a few hours which means that your glucose levels should be quite low. The glucose levels would definitely rise after meals and peaks about an hour after the food has been taken.

Are there other health conditions that cause high blood glucose?

There are lots of health conditions that might result in high blood sugar. These include inflammation of the pancreas, an overactive thyroid gland, cancer in the pancreatic cells and several tumours. Certain medications like steroids can cause blood glucose levels to become elevated.

The random blood glucose tests would help a person to keep his glucose levels under control.

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