7 Reasons Why Living In Bangkok Is Awesome

Love to travel the world? Passionate about living your life on your own rules? Then, what can be better than this? If you love to travel, then it is highly recommended that you must spend some moments of your life in Bangkok. Wondering why? Join me in this journey where I am going to expose the 7 reasons behind why living in Bangkok is awesome.

Before jumping at the 7 reasons, let us explore some facts about Bangkok and checkout the reasons why Bangkok is so famous in this big world.

7 Reasons Behind Why Living in Bangkok is Awesome:

reasons why living in bangkok is awesome

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and known as one of the best cities because of its street life and happening events. People from all across the world visit Bangkok just to explore the festivals, and enjoy the night life.

Moving further, let us checkout the 7 reasons of why living in Bangkok is amazing:

1) Food:

bangkok food

Bangkok is considered as one of the food paradise cities and if you are a food lover, then you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the food of Bangkok city. You can enjoy the taste of exotic thai food, juicy burgers, and even you are a pure vegetarian, you will easily find various options for you.

2) Nightlife:

bangkok night life

The actual dreams are achieved when you have the passion to grab it, and if you are confident about living your life in your way and one of your dream is to enjoy the night life of different cities, then do not forget to mention Bangkok city in your list. The night life of Bangkok is over whelming and once you feel the fresh air of Bangkok’s night life, you will want to enjoy that moment again and again.

3) Shopping:

bangkok mbk

Crazy about shopping? Explore the market of Bangkok city and buy cool stuff at cheap rates. You can buy whatever you want to at an affordable rate.

4) Pamper yourself:

bangkok massage and spa

Pamper yourself by visiting the local spa of Bangkok. The massagers there massage your body n such a way that you feel completely relaxed and stress free. You will fresh and energetic after stepping out the spa or beauty clinic.

5) Career Opportunity:

bangkok career opportunities

Many students from all over the world travel to Bangkok just to pass through the career doors opened for them. If you are also one of them who is looking for a good career opportunity then choosing Bangkok can be the best decision.

6) Easy transportation:

bangkok traffic

It is easy to travel from Bangkok to other cities of Thailand at flexible timings because transportation facility is available 24×7.

7) Peaceful life:

bangkok lifestyle

At last, living at Bangkok means, experiencing a good, healthy and peaceful. You can easily spend your life smoothly if you are living in Bangkok.


Mentioned above are the 7 reasons behind why living in Bangkok is awesome. Now as you know what are the benefits, you must pack your bags and explore the place as soon as possible. Don’t get serious and enjoy every moment of your life because life is a short journey too.

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