A startup in recent times can easily make a lot of money and can attract users by launching products at a very unprecedentedly low price. Well you need to be smart, really very smart to attract users.

Take advantage of Make in India campaign and tell the world you are launching a product for India.

How to make Rs 6 Cr in a day doing nothing

People in India are going crazy for Make in India campaign and all you got to do is take advantage of it. Launch a smartphone for just 251 Rs, surprise the users with a  jaw-dropping price and give it a very attractive name Freedom 251 with features like  HD screen, dual cameras, 3G and much more.

Marketing cost (you spend Rs 0)

If you are launching a phone at only 251 rs then you will obviously grab attention from media and leading newspapers, websites and news channels like BBC.  Make your launch story go viral on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many more. We all know that Indian media will promote such stories as people in India love to hear about such awesome features of the phone.

How to make Rs 6 Cr in a day doing nothing

Announce the date to launch a product (you spend Rs 5,00,000 only)

All you have to do is to announce the launch date of your product. It should be near to the Make in India campaign event like it was in Maharashtra. You will easily grab attention of media, we bet you will not have to even ask media to come a they will come without invitation. No one wants to miss out on such spicy news.

Just buy few China made mobile phone and make your brand sticker and make news about it.

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Spend 7,500 Rs for a website where people can pre-book the mobile phone

Make a website with call center number and other details so that users feel the product is genuine and real. Note – Freedom 251’s website does not have any contact details.

In terms and condition page just mention that you will refund the money if the product is not delivered in 4 months time.

Over 50 lakhs users registered your phone, Now customers to pay Rs 251 on your website + 40 Rs for delivery charges. So the amount comes down to 291.

If we multiply 50 lakh * 291 = approx 150 crores

Now the last thing you need to do is deposit this 150 crores into bank and get 9% monthly interest. continue getting interest for 6 months and then refund the money to users by cancelling their order.

Interest on 150 crores for 6 months comes down to 6.5 crores approx . So you get to earn so much money in few months without doing anything.

( Disclaimer :-This article is just for fun and humor, We don’t tend to hurt anyone’s sentiment so please dontgetserious :p )