Cafe Mocha Franchise  in India : Some drinks are our salvation. We cannot imagine our life without it. It takes us to a different place. It makes us happy. Coffee happens to be one of those drinks for a lot of us. It is our morning routine. It gets us to do everything with so much energy and enthusiasm. It rejuvenates, kick starts our day and helps us overcome our mental and physical exhaustion. In some severe headaches, it works as a medicine too.

A lot of business meetings are done over a cup of rich coffee. Although their are millions of coffee shops in India, Cafe Mocha has always been on the top of the list. A lot of coffee lovers appreciate it. You can not only buy a coffee at Cafe Mocha, but you can also become a Franchise for Cafe Mocha.

Cafe Mocha Franchise: How Is It To Be A Franchise?

 We all know how much we all love coffee, especially Indians. For a lot of people in India, the day starts with a coffee. It is the most crucial thing about the everyday lives of the people. Be it a typical working day or a function; coffee always keeps the heads up. No family dinner or a family function is complete without a cup of coffee.

A fun fact, coffee is something that is associated with the earlier generations. But the word cafe is related to the younger generations. The word coffee has just one taste and one flavour of the coffee. But the word Cafe has a lot of flavours. There is always a new flavour for your taste buds. You can experiment with a fresh cup of coffee every day. Cafe Mocha is indeed a place where you and your friends can come and enjoy your coffee.

College students, working people all come to Cafe Mocha coffee shops to relax and enjoy their spare time. It started in the year 2001 in Mumbai. Since then, it has 19 coffee shops all around India at carefully chosen locations.

Cafe Mocha is one of those places which have invented new flavours of coffee in India. This has not only attracted the customers over the years but also served the taste buds of the young generation. It has not only helped the youth but has also allowed the businessmen and the foreigners who visit India to enjoy the new culture.

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Cafe Mocha Franchise: Requirements

 As much as Cafe Mocha appreciates people to apply for becoming their Franchise, there are specific requirements that you must match. These are as follows :

  • The investment ranges from Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1 crores. But it depends on the location, potential and the setup.
  • You must go to their official website to apply for becoming a franchise.

Cafe Mocha franchise contact & office address

66 A, American Express Bakery House,
1st Floor, Clare Road,
Byculla – West,
Mumbai – 400008,
Fax: +91 22 2309 9349 Extn: 112
Land Line: +91 22 2309 9349
Official email id : [email protected]

If you satisfy the requirements, you’d be called for further meetings.