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How to Earn money online in India sounds quite awkward if you are not yet familiar with different ways and means which are given an opportunity to earn a decent income from several internet resources. If you are also a newbie in this field and still wondering what am I saying as well as you have a doubt regarding the truthfulness of my words then you should read the entire article in order to clear all such doubt and get a scope to enter into digital earning field for growth and prosperity.

Being a developed country, India has not yet acquired the desired status of internet connectivity due to its huge population at remote locations, lower literacy rate as well as lack of infrastructure. For those reasons, internet literacy is going at a low pace which turns out to be the primary cause for non-awareness for several aspects on how to make money online in India within a large number of people. Being one of those people having limited knowledge about online money earning opportunities, you are in the right place to enrich yourself with some knowledge regarding how to earn money online in India. This will surely help you in the practical field to earn both ends meet as well as get an opportunity to make some additional income.

Without wasting time, diving into the main topic to find the several mostly used opportunities to make money online in India will be the best decision in this regard. SO, let’s focus on the below-listed techniques.

How to Earn Money Online In India

How to Earn Money Online In India

1) Be an online consultant

earn money online in india consultant

I think you are well aware of consultancy. If you think that consultancies can only be found in different physical locations then you are completely wrong. Being an owner of an online consultancy may also be a convenient way about how to earn money online in India. Like all the other online money earning opportunities, it also requires some specific skills i.e. good grasp of a specific field in which you want to work as a consultant as well as the ability to make understand well about a specific subject. As there is no process that can be considered as the overnight money-making procedure, you have to put lots of effort for at least a continuous 1 year in order to gain a reputation as an online consultant. After being in an elite group of online consultancies, you may charge Rs.3000-5000 for discussing a particular topic with the client.

2) Freelance writer:

become freelance writer

Just to meet the demand of the website contents, the requirement for freelance writers is increasing at a higher pace. By providing quality articles to the clients, you are going to earn a handsome amount at the end of the day without any hassles. As no paperwork is needed to enter this type of job, so it is convenient for many persons to start immediately according to their own free time. To be a professional writer, you should have good knowledge of English grammar; the ability to present any topic briefly through your writing as well as maintaining deadlines according to the client’s deadline is required. The famous web platforms offering scope about how to make money online in India include Fiverr, SEO Clerk, Contentmart, Freelancer, Upwork, iWriter & Articles, etc. Though at the beginning your payment rate may start from 0.20 ppw, it will increase a lot within a stipulated timeline if you provide quality content to clients.

3) Perform short term manual jobs

Being a diversified zone, the internet offers you many things from which you have to independence to choose the best which suits you. If you have less dedication to your work and you do not have enough time to do freelancing work on a long-term basis while sticking to the deadline then this is the right choice for you to make money online in India as a passive income. To Monetize the free time can easily be done by doing small work which is worth as little as $5 only. The web platforms like Fiverr as well as Amazon mTurk can be preferred to do this type of work and get paid instantly without waiting for any prescribed duration.

You can do Online Jobs from home and make a good living if you are good at something, Start working now and you will eventually see results soon.

4) Cryptocurrency Trading

make money from cryptocurrency

Being a solely new concept, cryptocurrency can also be a means of how to earn money online in India. The process of earning through this method is pretty simple but you have to be a risk-taker as earning completely depends on the market value of the cryptocurrency which is beyond your control. For this reason, having good knowledge about the cryptocurrency market trend can also be an added advantage otherwise the chance of risk gets increased and you become more vulnerable to make a loss due to market fluctuations. The required initial investment is not much. You have to invest between Rs.2000-5000 and wait for the right time to withdraw the investment amount when its value will get increased.

5) Be a digital services seller on Fiverr

make money on fiverr

Being a digital creative content generator, this is the best opportunity to earn a lucrative amount as there are many platforms that are working as a medium to sell your work to the client. Fiverr is one of the most reputed platforms where you can start selling by getting registered with proper personal information. The major categories which are included under the selling service of Fiverr are graphics and design, digital marketing, writing, video and animation, programming and tech, music and audio, fun and lifestyle, etc. The most convenient while using the service provided by Fiverr is you will get the scope to withdraw your earned amount according to your own wish. There is no minimum limitation as well as timeline to withdraw the earned amount.

6) Virtual assistant

make money online in india as virtual assistant

Being solely a procedure to make money online in India, the job profile of a virtual assistant is quite similar to the job profile of a personal assistant. The main difference is here your physical presence is not required. Being a multi-dimension role requires efficiency in a wide range of fields as the actual work of virtual assistants involves writing work, handling websites, publishing content on the website, marketing a specific product by convincing the clients, etc. The major companies searching for virtual assistants are HireMyMom, MyTasker, and 123Employee, etc.

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7) Blogging ( Our Personal Favourite on How to Earn Money Online in India)

make money online with blogging

In the 21st century, blogging can be one of the best sources to earn a lucrative amount. But just like the other ways of earn money online in India, you have to choose the right niche according to your expertise over the same, otherwise, all your work may go in vain. Being a blogger your main motto will be focusing limelight on the current topics which are points of attraction of several readers. Publishing quality content is another expertise that will help you to gain a permanent reader, therefore, will increase traffic to your blog. Putting immense effort for the first year is required in this process in order to gain popularity otherwise you are not going to be successful as a blogger. Though plagiarism is strictly forbidden in blogging, don’t rewrite other’s written content as it will not work for you for generating decent revenue. Always be unique and express your own thought in an oriented manner.

8) Be an affiliate marketer

earn money with afficialte marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the procedure of promoting products of a third person in the respective customer base where it may be found as a useful product. Therefore upon the sale of the same product, the promoter gets rewarded a percentage of the entire sale amount. The process is pretty authentic. As an affiliate marketer, you will get the unique links of every particular product. You have to share the same link in the proper customer base present on Facebook groups, Quora where it will not be treated as spam or you can create your own blog or website and sell affiliate products. By doing so, you will be entitled to earn 5-40% of the sale amount as the affiliate revenue.

9) Become a YouTuber

earn money online on youtube

In recent days, most people are being engaged in the video representation of their favorite topics. YouTube is playing an immense role to make money online in India. Being a YouTube channel owner, your effort of making attractive engaging videos will not go in vain. You will earn a high amount of revenue after getting a huge subscriber base. The earned amount is solely proportional to the number of views of the created video. As it is not a procedure to earn a lump sum amount instantly, you have to value each audience, and fulfilling their valid demand will help you to grow at a higher pace. Monetizing with Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing after gaining the required subscriber base will be the wise decision to boost the revenue earning.

10) Building an E-mail list

email list

This is one of the innovative techniques to earn money online in India. In this procedure, your task is pretty simple. You have to build a large E-mail list at first. I think you are right now wondering that how money can be generated just by an e-mail list. Let’s explore it. Just after preparing the mail list, you have to engage all the readers related to that mailing list by sending valuable as well as catchy content to them. Just after gaining trust from the audience, you have to start promoting products along with the free content through the mail. Eventually, you will earn a decent amount by this method.

11) Buying and selling domain

earn money from domain auction

Being included in the core portion of the internet, this process will surely work like a charm till the existence of the internet. Depending upon the necessity, every day a large number of domains gets bought as well as sold for a high amount of bucks. To be a professional domainer as well as earn a lot of money from this you have to be well aware of certain things like i) don’t buy domains with unrealistic domain names ii) brandable domains yields more while being sold iii) 2-word domain names should be preferred more iv) Preferring .com domains should be done if you are targeting big market places etc. The preferred market places for buying and selling domains are Sedo, Brandpa & Flippa, etc.

12) Starting online courses

If you have expertise on a particular subject as well as have the skill to teach others the same then starting online courses will surely be the wisest option for you to earn money online in India. You work will be just creating a compact online course by which one can learn the specific subject with ease. Just list you created an online course on the specified web platform. Just after every sale of the same, you will earn the listed revenue for that specific course paid by the purchaser.

13) Start selling products online

Simultaneously with the development of the internet technology, the booming of the e-commerce industry is speculated. This provides a great opportunity to make money online in India just by selling goods through several online stores. While doing so, you should be much worried about thinking about the entire procedure of shipping, packaging, payment receipt as well as delivery of the product to the correct customer. Joining hands with a reputed e-commerce store will be a perfect decision to run business smoothly at first as the online store will take the responsibility of payment, shipping as well as return procedures of the product. You have to give a certain percentage of your profit to the online store for getting their service. Customer satisfaction is the main motto in this business. This will help you to earn a lucrative amount in the near future.

how to make money online

These are all regarding the several aspects of how to earn money online in India. After reading the entire article as you have already gathered the basic idea of the same, now it’s your time to choose the correct path where you have the best expertise as well as interest too in order to gain success. Rather than having passion being successful in this field is quite difficult so choose wisely as your effort gets converted into revenue quickly. Good luck!

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