Save Money In India : Living in the 21st century, are you are still stuck to the offline shopping mode only for getting the opportunity to buy a product for a lower price just by bargaining with the shopkeeper? If the answer of the above question is positive and for this reason you have already assumed that by purchasing on e-commerce websites will not be beneficial for making quite more savings of the hard earned bucks then you are on the wrong track.

There are several exciting offers as well as discounts available on the e-commerce websites which are beckoning you with the hand. But getting entitles to be eligible for experience such extra savings through coupon codes, lightning deals is not a cup of cake for the amateurs. You have to know few important tricks in order to save money in India while shopping online. Don’t worry, the process is pretty simple. That’s why I can assure you that you will not face any kind of trouble while following these methods.

If you are a frequent user of e-commerce websites for purchasing different kinds of goods whether i.e. groceries or beauty products, then going through this article will make you aware of the top 15 tricks regarding how to save money in India while purchasing goods on Indian online shopping sites.

best way to save money in India

So, it’s the right time for you to dive into the topic in order to know more about it.

1) Compare before purchase

compare price to save money online

As the e-commerce industry is booming in the present days, a high level of competition can be speculated among different market players. For this reason, the price of a specific item varies from website to website in order to attract buyers. That’s why purchasing the necessary goods from a specific website which you know will surely not be a wise decision at all.

To save few bucks more while purchasing on the Indian online shopping sites, you have compare the price of the specific product which is available in many websites. Checking the price of the individual product in 8 to 10 website may be seemed a difficult task for you. To avoid this inconvenience, you may take help of the online price comparison websites like,, & etc. In some rare scenarios the prices shown on the price comparison websites may be wrong that’s why cross checking with the original website is recommended in order to gain smooth experience while purchasing on online shopping sites India.

2) Explore coupon codes

coupon code to save money

In the e-commerce websites, the coupon codes play a major role in order to facilitate the customer exclusive discount over the listed price. Always the coupon codes are not mentioned on the product description page of a particular website. But finding the coupon codes which can be redeemed at a particular time by meeting certain conditions is not at all a tough task.

There are several websites which aggregates the coupon codes of several Indian online shopping sites at one place. The major websites providing this service are & Apart from checking these websites before making a purchase, you may search for the coupon code in Google too.

3) Earn cash backs through third party websites

cash back to save money online in india

Being a completely new concept, this method entitles you to earn additional cash back upon purchase of any kind of goods by making prepaid payment. The entire process of earning the additional cash back is pretty simple. Rather than going directly to the Indian online shopping sites, you have to go to the third party websites like & etc. which are providing additional cash backs at first and register yourself.

After registering, it’s time to go to the e-commerce website through these third party websites and make a successful purchase of the desired item. After a certain time period of the successful purchase, you will get the cash back amount in the third party website account after a specific time period i.e. after completion of the return timeline of the purchased product. You will get several cash out options like transfer to bank account, transfer to PayTm wallet, recharging mobile of DTH connection etc. to use the cash back amount for your personal needs. The cash back percentage varies from product to product as well as website to website.

4) Utilize price alert system

Apart from having urgent needs, purchasing any item suddenly in any of the e-commerce is not recommended. Using the price alert will surely be beneficial in this regard as it gives you the opportunity to make the item your own by paying the lowest possible prices. To get this benefit, you have to include the necessary items which need to be purchased to a Google spread sheet for tracking the price fluctuation without much extra effort. The Amazon Junglee can be considered as another option to set price alerts for getting instant notification regarding price change of any wish listed item.

5) Follow social media pages of e-commerce sites:

Following the latest trends, the e-commerce sites are very active on their social media pages for gaining attraction of a larger number of social media users at a glance. To make this propaganda a huge success, sometime the e-commerce sites offer a huge discount through special coupon codes available on their social media pages. To collect those coupon codes in order to get jaw breaking deals, you have to be updated with the social media pages of the online shopping sites India where you purchase frequently.

6) Save money in India during big occasion

The best time to save money in India is during festivals. The e-commerce websites usually provide big deals on the eve of any occasion as well as holidays too. Unlike the offline shops, the Indian online shopping sites remain open throughout the year; you should wait for purchasing the costly items which are not at all urgent at present. Within the offer period like Big Billion Days and Amazon Great Indian Festival etc., you will get the opportunity to save high amount of money while purchasing that product by paying the discounted price.

7) Look for free shipping option

online shopping free shipping

At the time of purchasing any product in most of the online shopping sites India, you may be incurred additional shipping charges which leaves a vital impact over your saving. Opting for the free shipping option will enable you to save addition amount.

Always look for the minimum purchase amount to be eligible for the free shipping facility. Rather than placing separate small orders, it is better to aggregate all the necessary items in a single order to fulfil the minimum order value in order to be eligible to avail the free shipping service.

8) Opt for the premium membership

save money with premium membership

If you are a frequent buyer of a particular website, then this method will make your task very easy. At present, to secure a permanent customer base most of the e-commerce sites have launched a scope for premium subscription where a customer will be eligible to get free shipping service as well as several other special discounts by paying a nominal amount as the premium subscription fees. If you used to purchase most of the necessary goods from a particular website among the Indian online shopping sites, subscribe to their premium membership and experience exclusive offers, free deliveries for the entire subscription period.

9) Go for e-book

Being a book worm, if you frequently purchase books from online shopping sites India like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, you will two different types of a specific book i.e. offline hard copy ii) e-book option. If you are a tech-savvy and you have not any problem regarding reading a book online on any device like laptop or tablet then opting for the online version of the book is the best option to save few more bucks.

10) Use free EMI option

This is the best way to save money in India as Sometimes while purchasing a costly product or a heavy appliance, you have not adequate financing option to pay the entire price of the goods at a time. In this scenario, you mostly go for down payment option and therefore incur a loss by paying a huge amount as an interest on the unpaid price amount of the goods. In order to avoid this inconvenience, always look for the free EMI option while purchasing any costly amount on any Indian online shopping sites. Though availing this service requires subscriber of a specific bank’s credit card, using this option will surely save your hard-earned money.

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11) Add money to wallets of e-commerce sites

Several e-commerce sites like Amazon, PayTm have introduced their own semi-closed wallets. Adding more to these semi-closed wallets will let you enable to purchase any product or service from that particular e-commerce site by paying the required amount from the respective wallet. Though the money present in this semi-closed wallets are non-transferable in few cases, you will get addition cash back either at the time adding money or at the time of paying for the order from the wallet. So following this method will surely not go in vain.

12) Purchase gift card to save money in India

Rather than paying directly from bank account for any specific order paying through the gift card entitles you additional benefit for the next purchases on the same website. In order to make additional saving in this way, you have to purchase gift card of specific Indian online shopping sites. After the successful purchase of the gift card, always use the same while paying for the order to that e-commerce site. This will either make you eligible to avail instant cash back else you will get subsequent discount offers for the future purchases.

13) Pay through online wallets

In the recent times, there are several online wallets which are emerged as the most convenient payment option. In order to popularity, most of these online wallets have tied up with other e-commerce websites.

For this reasons, at the purchasing any good on any of the online shopping sites India by paying through the specified online wallet which has collaboration with the respective e-commerce site will make you eligible to get cash back offers or instant discount. The conditions for availing this offer vary from website to website.

14) Use credit card as payment option

The e-commerce sites provide exclusive offers when the credit card used as the payment options. They have tied up with different banks for payment processing purpose. In spite of risk of misuse as well as fear of getting penalty charged, if you can use the credit card as a secure payment then using this all the online payments to any of the e-commerce site will surely be beneficial. In most of the cases, you will get minimum of 1% cash back while paying through credit card. Sometimes, it is higher according to the policy of the respective Indian online shopping sites.

15) Subscribe to newsletter

Newsletters are nothing but the official notification published by the e-commerce sites in order to aware its customers of recent policies, offers as well as information about their services. Being a registered member of any e-commerce sites, you will get an option to get the newsletter in your mailbox periodically. Subscribing this option will help you be aware of the on-going discounts, offer timelines which in turn help you to save few bucks more.

After going through the 15 different technique of saving money, I think you are right now well aware of the different methods which may be beneficial while purchasing any goods or services online. So, rather than wasting the precious time, it’s better to experience the best way to save money in India practically while purchasing on the online shopping sites India from now. In an unlikely event, if you face any kind of difficulty then there’s no need to be worried. Feel free to leave a comment in the following comment box. This will make us aware of the problem faced by you and we will surely try to help you out to solve the unwanted problem.