Are you looking for an opportunity for passive income? Have you already tried a lot but all your efforts went in vain? If you have faced all these and are fed up with searching the same again then you have landed on the right place to get a correct way out by knowing how to make money from YouTube. Living in the 21st century, you are well aware of YouTube which is the largest online media involved in broadcasting videos of different genres throughout the world.

The entire video broadcasting procedure is not at all voluntary. Monetary issues are also involved in this procedure. For this reason, YouTube has enough potential to be an additional source of earnings if you know how to use it properly. Among the several online opportunities for earning, YouTube can be considered the most trusted one.

Just like the several other reputed YouTube channels, you have to make your own in order to do so. Don’t think that knowing how to earn money from YouTube will make you a YouTube celebrity or help you to earn millions of dollars on just an overnight basis. Here also, adequate effort is necessary for earning a decent amount of money.

Being an amateur in this field, you may think that the entire earning process of how to make money from YouTube requires technical expertise or you have to do the difficult tasks as nothing is obtained for free in this world but that’s not the scenario here as we are going to make you aware of the easy steps which will make you able to do so. The earning opportunity on YouTube is not at all biased that’s why it does not matter whether you are an Indian or American. You will earn according to your own skills, content quality, nature presentation, etc.

Simple steps regarding How To Make Money From YouTube

Before describing the steps about how to make money from YouTube in detail, I would like to tell advise you to get a basic idea regarding the procedure of making videos, as well as digital marketing, which will be beneficial in this regard and this will help you to yield more amount of revenue in the long run.

1) Creating the YouTube Channel

If you want to earn money from Youtube then this is the basic step. The entire process involved in creating a new YouTube channel is pretty simple. Just follow the steps written below to get it done successfully.

  1. Open the official website of YouTube on your browser and log in there by using your Gmail ID.
  2. Now, you have to click on the red-colored logo of YouTube present in the upper left corner of the webpage.
  3. Explore the drop-down menu and click on the ‘My channel’ option there.
  4. You will visualize a box named ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’.
  5. Now, it’s time to update the channel-related information by providing necessary personal details.

2) Select the comfortable niche for making videos

Though there are some of the niches which used to be trendier than the others you have to properly choose the niche as it’s the backbone of the future revenue earning. Choosing any niche with which you are uncomfortable may ruin your dream of earning a huge income. Always prioritize your passion while choosing the niche. If you are a good singer then showcase your singing skill in front of millions of people on YouTube and get appreciation. Otherwise, if your hobby is teaching, be a teacher on the subject where you have adequate expertise and attract learners of the same genre. In case interviewing is your passion, then go for it. While shooting YouTube videos, you may be required to hire any other person for doing so. High-quality content always pays off, so choose any niche upon which you can produce high-quality contents to attract viewers.

3) Make a proper content strategy

Uploading a YouTube video does not require much expertise but it requires proper orientation as no one wants to watch unattractive content by wasting their precious time. Getting a large number of viewers is the only way of making money on YouTube. During the production of a video, always think about the points that a viewer wants to see while watching your published video. Rather than thinking of everything from the end of a producer, think of everything as a viewer. If you satisfy the need of the viewers, they will get converted into subscribers, and eventually, this will help you to make money from Youtube much more easily.

4) Try to acquire more subscribers & viewers

The more numbers of viewers and subscribers you will get, your income will be increased proportionally. Being a vital part of the entire process, in order to acquire a large viewer base, you have to focus on the keywords while making the video title as well as the description too. This will help the viewers to get your videos on the top of the result list. Apart from this, promoting the videos on social media like Facebook, and WhatsApp will help you to yield more income. Apart from being a YouTuber, if you are a blogger then it’s better to relate the produced YouTube videos with the content present on the blog. This will help you to drive traffic to your blog to your YouTube channel.

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5) Utilize the AdSense feature for earning an additional amount

Google Adsense is the basic and best way to make money from Youtube. Being included in the monetization segment, getting the facility of monetization requires some approval from YouTube’s end. For doing so, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. At first, sign in to your YouTube account by entering the correct credentials of the Gmail ID.
  2. Go to the channel settings to find the option of monetization. Click on the ‘Enable Monetization’ option in order to activate it.
  3. You will be directed to go through the terms & conditions page of YouTube. Now, you have to accept all the T&Cs otherwise you will not be able to proceed further.
  4. The message – ‘Almost there! Don’t forget to link your channel to an AdSense account to earn money online and get paid for your monetized videos.’ This will be shown on the top bar of the webpage.
  5. It’s time to click on the ‘Link my account’ option which will enable you to link your channel with the AdSense account. If you have already an AdSense account, enter the details of the same otherwise create a new AdSense account. Though the approval of the AdSense account requires some time, you have to wait in this stage for a little period. Just after the approval monetization of your videos will be started.
  6. The monetization option can be enabled from the ‘Video Manager’ tab. The videos which are eligible for monetization will be marked with a small ‘$’ sign. Just clicking on that sign, you will be forwarded to the video settings page in order to enable the option “Monetize With Ads”. Making a loyal viewer community is recommended before applying for the monetization program otherwise your application may get rejected.

6) Join with ‘YouTube Partner Program

After getting a larger number of views of your produced videos, applying for the ‘YouTube Partner Program’ is recommended to boost the potential of making money on YouTube. There is no definite criterion for getting approval for the same. Some channels having less than 10 videos or having less than 100 subscribers got approved by the YouTube authority. Getting approved for this program will increase the exposure of your videos as well as you will get the opportunity to use advanced tools which will help you to produce more attractive videos.

7) Monetize through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but making the viewer aware of the advantage of a certain product by giving a demo or review of the same. This is the best way to make money from Youtube. You have to place the link to the product in the description box through which one can purchase the product. Upon being convinced by you, if anyone purchases that product by using the provided link, you will earn a certain percentage of the sale value as a commission.

8) Perform Paid Reviews

Being a reviewer, if you are thinking that how you make money on YouTube then it’s pretty simple. In case, you are already reviewing certain products and services, if you have a larger viewer base then you may get paid review offers from the new start-ups as well as reputed companies which are linked to your niche. This is another aspect of earning from YouTube.

Also, we have listed multiple ways to make money online and make it a full-time business on our blog. Kindly check it out and let us know if you have any doubts, we will be happy to help you.

That’s all about how to make money from YouTube. After going through the entire article, you have already gathered a basic idea regarding the same. If you have any doubts about any particular steps, do research a little. Now, it’s your time to follow the step by the step procedure and start earning from YouTube just after monetizing your videos. While following the above-mentioned steps, if you are facing any issues, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the following comment in order to attract our attention. We will try our best to help you out in that regard.