Part time jobs available online give you a decent amount of income. If you are already earning, they give an extra boost to your income and let you live the life of your dreams. Those who have a family, are the part time jobs that help them fulfill all of their needs and provide a good life for their family.

They are easy to do and do not require special skills or training. A few part-time jobs are so well paid that you might as well earn $1000 per month. Listed here are part time jobs that give you pay off $1000 per month.

30 Latest Part Time Jobs from Home

Let’s dive deep into the article without wasting any time and find out the best Part Time jobs from home to do.

1) Freelance Writer

You do not have to be a grammar Nazi to get started with this part-time job. You can choose from the umpteen freelance writing site online and choose what you can write. While a few jobs pay average if you are good at writing, creative and ghostwriting jobs pay you very well. As a ghost Ebook writer, you might as well end up earning more than 50k by researching the topic and adding your flavor to the given topic. You can work remotely and get paid to your account directly with this job.

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 2) Seller on Amazon

become a Seller on Amazon

You can start selling a few products on Amazon by signing up for the merchant account for free. There are many websites where you can sign up for free as a merchant and start selling. It can generate a good amount of passive income that lets you take care of your needs. You can sell on Flipkart, Snapdeal and many such online retaining sites and earn as much as 50k or more.

3) Blogging

blogging make money

You can create your own blog and monetize it. It can generate passive income in time. You can as well be a guest blogger for many paid sites and earn a good amount of money. You can showcase your expertise on a variety of topics and provide valuable information in those blogs. You will not only get paid well but also have the following and subscribers with a good readership. You could as well be famous if your blog ranks well in the category of your blog. You have the freedom to blog on any topic and provide information, insights, opinions, etc through your blogs.

4) Ad Clicking Job

There are many websites that pay you for clicking ads. You can sign up for these services for free and get paid for clicking ads. It is one of the easiest jobs that let you earn a good amount of money monthly. You can join as many ad sites as you want and earn more by clicking on them. A fun job for single mothers or stay-at-home mothers or students who want to make good pocket money from home.

5) Take Online Surveys

Online Surveys jobs

There are many survey sites that pay well when you sign up for them. These are online survey sites that pay really well for taking surveys. You only have to spend 3-4 hours daily and take surveys to get paid. You can explore these sites to see which pay the best and sign up for them. You can chill at the comfort of your home and take surveys where you have to give opinions about a product or service.

 6) Promote Products Through Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing part time jobs

This is one of the best part-time jobs that let you earn a lot of money. You have to promote products or services and you get paid to do that. Choose from any of the affiliate marketing programs and earn your way through success. You can earn as much as 50% of the commission by selling products through these programs. Amazon, Flipkart, and many such online retailers provide affiliate programs.

7) Sell Your Services on Fiverr

This is a website where you can sell your skills and start earning from $5 and multiples of $5. Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, writer, business consultant, programmer, or have just about any skill, you can sell it as a service on this website and earn money. You can start earning by posting service or taking up a task.

8) Tutor Online

Teach someone online and get paid. If you are good at English or any other foreign language, there are millions of people on various tutoring websites who are willing to pay you to teach them. You can spend a few hours every day on these websites and check what you can teach and start earning money. You can sign up for as many websites you need and start tutoring as many people as you want.

9) Data Entry Jobs

If you have a great typing speed, this is one of the best part-time jobs that will give you easy money. There are many websites like Fiverr and Upwork that offer well-paid data entry jobs. You can choose from these sites and start earning for typing the correct content given to you. You can take up as much work as you need and start earning regularly.

10) Play Online Games To Earn Money

There are many websites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars that give a cashback for every $1 for playing trivia games online. This is a fun way to start earning passive income online. There are many gaming companies that pay users to play games to test their games. You could also get rewards for playing these online games.

11) Small Online jobs

These are cluster of tasks that you can do online to get paid. It could be video editing, voice-over, performing a Google search, selecting an image, etc. These jobs do not require a lot of skills on your part and pay well for doing a list of small tasks. You can relax in the comfort of your home and do these jobs and get paid for them.

12) Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver part time jobs from home

You will be asked to install a Captcha software and fill in the Catcha phrases and words. You get paid for this job. You can resolve as many Captcha phrases as you want. Many websites provide this task to users to avoid spam. You have to identify images and words and solve them to get paid.

13) Online Training And Consultation

earn money from Online Training And Consultation

For those who have knowledge and expertise on a particular subject can provide online consultation and training on your area of expertise. You can also be a life coach and earn money to motivate people to do better in their lives. You can work part time while doing your day job and earn a pretty good amount of money providing online consultation services.

14) Part Time Photographer

Send photos to magazines or newspapers or sell them online and earn royalties for your work. You can choose to be a hobbyist or a part time photographer and sell your work online. There are many websites that buy stock photographs. You can sell photos on these websites and earn money.

15) Create a YouTube Channel to Earn money

You can create your own channel on YouTube and monetize it. You earn from these ads. Create videos of your choice and start earning money. Though it might take some time to start earning regularly, you can keep posting content regularly on this platform to develop subscribers.

16) Network Marketing

Sign up for services like Amway, Herbalife and start selling their products. Create brand awareness and sign up more people. You can do this at your convenience. It is a nice part time job that lets you earn passive income. There are many other companies that provide good compensation for selling and promoting their products.

17) Insurance Agent

You must be good at follow-up and convincing people to take up this part time job. You can choose to sell from a variety of insurance to people and get a lifelong commission for every policy that you sell. You must gain knowledge about the policy to tell people about its benefits and sell it to them.

18) Candle Making

A creative part time job is candle making. You can make and sell candles from the comfort of your home and generate extra income from selling it. You can use your imagination and create designer candles, add fragrance, and sell it making a good amount of money.

19) Part-time Call Center Executive

Many companies hire a part time executive to answer business calls for them. There are many local and international openings available which you can opt for and earn well answering business calls at the comfort of your home.

20) Language Translator

Earn money translating content from one language to a language English or any other foreign language in which you have expertise. You can earn really well if you have good knowledge about a foreign language and earn well part time translating content in that language.

21) Jewelry Making

This is a creative part time business that you can start with minimum investment. Women of all age groups wear beaded and wire jewelry. Get creative juices flowing and start making jewelry and sell it online or from the comfort of your home. You can earn a decent amount of money-making jewelry.

22) Part-Time Faculty

If you have special skills in creative and vocational courses, you can join as a vocational faculty. You can apply for colleges and join as a part-time faculty and get a good salary for teaching a special skill. You can join as a consultant, life coach, or coordinator as every college needs one.

23) Home-based Food Business

You can create cooking videos or sell specialized items from home. If you are great at cooking, you can start a home-based business and start selling from home. If people start loving what you cook, you can earn better and also become popular for your skills.

24) Child Care

Take care of the kids while parents are away and earn from this part-time job. You can choose to provide this service during weekends if you are working and earn extra income for yourself. You will love the time spent with kids taking care of them as well as earning extra income over the weekends.

25) Event Planning

Organize birthday parties, weddings, or any special event for people and earn your way to success. You will be connected to new people and have a great time organizing events and parties. You can get your creative juices flowing and arrange events as per the taste and budget of people.

26) Music Teacher

For those who have experience in learning, music can start teaching music at home. If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can as well teach it to people for money and earn from this creative part-time job.

27) Greeting Cards Creator

Create posters, greeting cards, and sell them from home. People still love giving handmade cards on various occasions. This is one of the best part-time jobs that creates good vibes amongst people and gives you extra income. You can easily create as many greeting cards as you want and sell them.

28) Pet Grooming

Animal lovers can start a pet grooming service at home and take care of grooming cats, dogs, and other pets. You will be satisfied with this job if you love animals and people will love the service you provide with love and passion. A nice idea for a part-time job if your day job keeps you busy.

29) Flipping Websites

Buy and sell websites for a cost. This will help you generate a decent amount of money. Buy domains that have popular names that people will use for their business and sell them for a price. This is a nice way to generate money using creativity and common sense.

30) Social Media Marketing

Be a social media consultant and update social media pages for businesses for a price. You need to have the knowledge and some experience in social media to do this part-time job. You will earn good money if there are conversions and leads generated for the business with your social media updates for that business.

Conclusion about part time jobs from home

There are umpteen ways of earning good money using your skills and creativity. You can get started with any of these jobs depending on your skills and experience. You can earn at least 50k from the comfort of your home when you take up any of these part time jobs.