After airing for 9 seasons on TV, “How I Met Your Mother” ended in 2014. The identity of the mother was revealed by CBS sitcom during its seasons finale, a lot of fans din’t like the way HIMYM ended. A New report is in news that a movie version is in progress to provide an alternative ending to the HIMYM finale.

HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed: “ To Be Named How I Resurrected Your Mother”

The Burrard Street Journal was the first to release this news and it became a trending topic on social media very soon. The movie will be titled How I Resurrected Your Mother. The Burrard Street Journal also posted a poster of the alleged “HIMYM” movie which showed Ted (Josh Radnor) next to The Mother (Christin Millioti). The poster also shows that the movie will hit the Theatres in December 2017.

CBS Films has confirmed the release of “How I Met Your Mother” after receiving a lot a strong negative reaction from the audience. “How I Met Your Mother” will focus more on The Mother and her story with Ted.

Do you think HIMYM will be a good to the alternative of finale TV episode ? Checkout the ending scene below.

Cover Image Credits :- The Burrard Street Journal