Apple Watch OS 3 has arrived, Apple has announced a new update to it’s smartwatch Os during a presentation in Worldwide Developer’s Conference. A lot of users were facing slow speed issue with the Apple Watch and that has not gone unheard. Apple is planning a major improvement it’s responsiveness and the Watch speed in the new Os 3.

apple watch os 3 features

5 New Features In Apple Watch Os 3

1) Improved Performance

Apple said in the Worldwide Developer’s Conference that the new Apple Watch Os 3 will be 7 times faster that the old Os. A lot of users has complained that the Apple Watch Os 2 was very slow and hanged a lot of time. In the demo shown by Apple the loading time of Apps in the Watch looked pretty quick. The improved performance and speed might eat the battery life of Apple watch. Lets see how things workout with Apple Watch Os 3 .

2) Scribble

It is very easy to respond to text messages from Apple Watch and we now have one more amazing feature called Scribble which allows users to draw what they want to and send it as a message. You can do this from your wrist . Isn’t it amazing. Scribble in Apple Watch works in two languages, English and Chinese.

3) Health And Fitness

With the new Os 3 in Apple Watch the Health and Fitness functions have been strengthen very much. If you are a fitness freak then you can use activity rings in a large size. You will even get to see a social sharing functionality and wait this is not it, in the next update you will get a meditation app called Breathe which will let u know when to meditate and relax according to your heart rate.

4) Dock Button

Apple has even updated it’s famous Dock Button in the Os 3 which will give quick access to all the apps on your watch. So the point is you can go preview the app without actually opening it.

5) SOS

Now you can call emergency number with one tap when your Apple Watch is connected to to your iPhone through WIFI. SOS will be location aware so if you are in india then it will dial number 100 to call police if you are in trouble.