Navrati is the longest and significant Hindu festival celebrated twice a year at the beginning of the spring and autumn season. The word ‘Navratri’ is a Sanskrit word that means nine consecutive nights. During these days/nights, nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshiped, and it is also a tribute to goddess Durga’s victory over the bull demon Mahishasura.

All age categories celebrate Navratri in different styles as the youngest has enthusiasm for Dandiya and elder believes in keep fast, Worship of goddess Durga. Now festivals are also transforming into the digital world. For example, few devotees keep Durga Puja status videos while other post pictures of dandiya nights. Even e-commerce companies are also revolving marketing campaigns around Navratri by giving huge discounts on clothing. Nowadays, people focus on outfits and videos to upload as a token of love, enjoy and happiness. You can also post a Durga Puja status video to wish your socially connected friends together.

Happy Durga Puja Status Videos Download For WhatsApp

durga puja status videos

The story behind this is – A demon, Mahishasura, had got the blessing from Lord Brahma after his intense prayers of never being defeated in any battle with “man or animal.” He attacked Trilok- Earth, heaven, and hell and showed his power of immortality. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva combined all their powers to victory over evil and gave birth to Durga. After fifteen days of continuous fight, the king of buffalo got defeated, and since then, the story has been widely narrated during Durga puja.

Durga puja vidhi at home;

Place the picture or sculpture of MAA DURGA on a raised stool or chowki.

Clean it with Ganga Jal

Decorate with colorful flowers and place the other puja items

Place a clay pot in front of the goddess with soil, barley seeds, Kalash and put the mango leaves on it and after that coconut on the top and cover it with a clean red cloth

Light the Diyas, and incense sticks 

Complete the Puja with Durga Origin Story

In the Internet era, everything is getting digital, from buying clothes online to sending our warm wishes, love, and happiness to our near and dear ones. For example, Durga Puja and status videos or photos on our social media account are common to update them with our current trend. The status video and pictures over social networking sites help make people feel more connected and minimize the vast physical distance. Just with one click, we are set to reach our hundreds of family members, friends, and also our customers and wish them