Controversies have been surrounded marijuana and its legalization as it is less harmful than alcohol. Want to know how?

Top reasons why marijuana is always better than alcohol.


Marijuana helps the brain to recover from damage caused by drinking.

Marijuana, also known as a creative enhancing drug where on the other hand alcohol causes headache, nausea, and the rest of the problems. it also causes damage to the neurons. Marijuana helps the brain to recover as it contains a compound THC

Marijuana helps in curing cancer, whereas alcohol causes it

Alcohol hinders more and can cause breast, liver, brain, colorectal, and esophageal cancers. Weed helps in slowing down the cancer-causing cells, henceforth reduces the risk of cancer.

Violence by alcohol or chillness by weed

When a person consumes more alcohol and one tends to become violent, this is because the head is continuously churning. On the other hand, marijuana makes one more relaxed and calm

Which one Kills more people? Alcohol or Weed?

More than 2.5 million deaths are caused by Alcohol. Heard of any deaths caused by marijuana ?

Cannabis-v-Alcohol Alcohol causes diminishing of muscle growth

Alcohol can cause the malfunction of various glands and muscles. It can cause reduction of testosterone, liver damage, and muscle ache. Weed helps in recovering them.

Alcohol overdose can kill one. Ever heard of Weed overdose?

Overdose of alcohol can cause several health problems which can result in illness. While one can’t have marijuana overdose.

Which is the cheaper option? Recreational users are now able to buy bulk weed online in countries where it is legal.

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