Is it possible to live without water for any living thing on this planet? Well, no! Many states including Uttar Pradesh is facing the problem of groundwater getting reduced, the government has finally taken an action and has announced that all the commercial buildings and new residential buildings located in major cities of Uttar Pradesh will now do rainwater harvesting which is quite a good thing.

In an interview with Mahendra Singh who is the Minister of rural development said, “In the near future, every building will get permission for doing the provision of arrangements for rainwater harvesting”.

To add to this, he said that till now there are more than 20,000 ponds which have been dug under MGNREGA scheme which is running in the entire state and they have also planned to plant lots of trees on the river shore to make sure our state can easily retain the groundwater and get rid from the problems they are facing.

A news report agency ANI has reported that in the assembly speaker, Chief Secretary Pradip Dubey has ordered to put only half-filled glasses of water so that no one will be able to waste it.

Saving water can really help people in getting rid of many problems. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, there are many other states which are facing water crises such as Chennai, Bengaluru and more.

Water is life. It is request to all of you, if you are reading this information, please do not waste water, and if you see someone doing so, educate them that how saving water can be beneficial for this entire nation and how it can help people.

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