Technological advancements around us, particularly the digital technology, have ushered in an entirely new age for the delivery of education. Education technology AKA “edtech” is about determining how technology can improve and enhance the way students learn and teachers teach; using technology-based products and tools or by managing appropriate technological processes and resources. That is to say, the use of technology in the form of products, apps, and tools to enhance learning, pedagogy and instruction.

Counting much more positives than negatives, technology-driven markets and educational societies are bringing to make your computer your private tutor through Ed-tech. Dissimilar to a typical classroom experience, it finds and then offers different ways of solving the same questions, simply to meet the requirements of different IQs of different students.

Amazing but disappointing facts about India’s education sector!

According to a study, India’s e-market comprised of 16 lakh users in 2016 and, it is believed, the user base will grow 6 times by 2021. India has the world’s largest k-12(primary to secondary) education system. But the emphasis is more on solving questions, it is said, than asking questions.

One should keep in mind, MIT has had close to 80 Nobel laureates, whereas IIT hasn’t even opened its account. No-doubt, education is one of the most pressing problems that various stakeholders such as the government, non-profits, policy-makers and entrepreneurs are trying to tackle.

What needs to be done?

Of all the challenges that India faces the daunting task of educating the youth with world class education and relevant skills looms large. Though it is not an easy task to tackle in a few years’ time, but if tackled it will virtually transform all fronts of Indian life. It will also give birth to an entire new breed of a talented work force, entrepreneurs, thinkers, inventors and innovators.

Edtech driven communities are developing apps that promise free trials to help students study efficiently using the advanced learning technology that adapts to student’s strengths and weaknesses. You can either go through full length study practice tests or have online tutor support.

Last year alone, there have been many Educational startups that have surfaced on the Indian educational landscape to reshape the education in India.

Launched in 2015, EduGorilla, an educational community which is a brain-child of a tech-genius Rohit Manglik, deserves to be mentioned here on account of its achievements. It saw a stunning growth by succeeding in listing more than 56,000 coaching centers in its directory. It just took a years’ time to become one of the top few education websites in India. It also offers an access to the largest aggregation of study material (31,752 files) along with hosting a detailed directory of 56, 731 institutes. It counsel students to guide them in choosing the career path they want to follow, and helps them in selecting streams that match their strengths and skills. Additionally, it keeps students up to date with the latest developments in education industry with Trends (which is a one of its kind educational news aggregator). Rohit, who is also the CEO at EduGorilla informed about his future expansions after witnessing rapidly increasing rate of the number of students knocking at EduGorilla’s online doors.

EduGorilla isn’t the only community changing the way we learn and teach. There are many more players striving to reshape the education in India.