Top 11 Fashion Cities in world you should visit right now


Looking for Fashion Cities? FASHION – a word that never fades away. It remains in the news every now and then. Be it be your friends or family members; some way or the other, you are influenced by fashion. If there are fashion icons, then there are Fashion Cities also which dominate the world of Fashion. The Fashion World is majorly influenced by these 11 Fashion cities. So, here are the top 11 Fashion cities along with their brief influence in the Fashion World. Let us dive in.

Top 11 Fashion Cities in world you should visit right now

Every day is a Fashion show and the world is your runway. Well, in the diverse world of Fashion, different cities have different people and different people have different fashion trends. And, these fashion trends bring diversity in the Fashion World.

Let us begin with the top:

1. Paris

Tops the list with the most fashionable city in the world right now.

French creation and production have always been in trend since the 15th century. It is said for Paris that “Fashion is to Paris what the gold mines of Peru are to Spain!”. The Fashion City is the Fashion Capita of the world with leading fashion brands such as Lacroix, Dior, and Louis Vitton. Paris Fashion week is hosted twice in a year. With luxury, fashion, and beauty, Paris has a long way to lead the list.

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Image Source – Parisinfo

2. London

This Fashion City’s cultural influence has always outweighed its size. Craig Green and Nazir Mazhar are ruling the London Fashion since years and city’s streetwear have evolved in altogether a new way. Polo, black sportswear and hyped sneakers are some of the most discussed fashion accessories. A new breed of fearless designers and brands have made the British Capital one of the most craved Fashion City for men’s right now.

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3. Hollywood – New York


How can NYC be behind? It is and always will be on the top cities in the Fashion World. The world’s cultural and fashion hub has around 50 Fashion Schools. Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Bill Blass and Tory Burch are the gifs/blessings of New York given to the world.  Since 1943, New York Fashion Week has been organized in February and September which attracts world’s most fashionable brands.

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4. Los Angeles

LA is more famous for Film Making than Fashion but, the quality of Fashion LA has is way better than others. Fashion World has always seen LA’s fashion as eccentric, edgy and glamorous. In LA, you can be whatever you can be because Fashion here is a multi-definition word! The land of graphic tees, distressed denim and flip-flops are catching the eye of the most fashionable brands these days. Joyrich, Rodarte, and BUSCEMI are the Fashion word here. And so, with multicolored fashion, LA has managed to be in top 4.

5. Seoul

Seoul is producing some thriving Fashion apparels these days. This world-class Fashion is a result of Juun.J, D.Gnak, and Wooyoungmi. Sheer Spectacle and outrageous outfits are worn by flamboyant Koreans. Seoul’s Fashion week is just 12 years old but it has been successful in catching the attraction of the Fashion World.

6. Melbourne

Australia’s epicenter and its thriving creative scenes have influenced the Fashion Landscape.  The main reason for the evolution of Melbourne as a Fashion City is its inventory free business model.  With P.A.M, SneakerBoy and Kloke like brands, the land of beaches can also surprise you with its styling.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the fastest growing fashion cities in the world. It is one of the largest textile producers in the world and it has given birth too many of the Fashion brands. Massimo Dutti, Tous, and Mango are the leading Fashion trends in Barcelona. Just as others, Barcelona has also the top fashion schools in the Fashion World and contributes to a larger level through Barcelona Fashion Week.

8. Amsterdam

The capital city of Netherlands is no slouch when it comes to Fashion World. The high-end sneaker trend is a gift from Netherlands and it is a home to many sneaker brands. Scotch & Soda and G-Star Raw are Amsterdam’s hub. Fashion designers like Viktor and Rolf, Frans Molenaar and Mart Visser are based in Amsterdam. Well, we need to thank Amsterdam for giving us the Sneaker trend.

9. Berlin

Synonymous with individuality; from punk heyday to current minimalistic aesthetic and current brooding, Berlin is famous for cheap trending clothing, creative designs, and easy-going lifestyle. Hugo Boss and Karl Lagerfeld are the gifts to the world from Germany and with 40 plus Fashion Schools, it has succeeded in introducing the hottest young fashion.

10. Milan

Milan hosts one of the world’s most famous fashion weeks – Milan Fashion Week. Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Prada are some of the elites who attend the Fashion Week. Home for some famous Fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferrè, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana), Miuccia Prada, Franco Moschino, Gimmo Etro, Ottavio Missoni, etc, Milan has its own fashion trend. Spring-Summer collection, Winter-Fall collection are both different here! And, several of the top fashion schools are found here. No wonder, Milan has gifted these many fashion designers to the world.

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11. Tokyo

With one of the quirkiest fashion in the world, no one has ever been able to copy the fashion of TOKYO. Junya Watanabe, Tsumori Chisato, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada, and Hiroko Koshino are Japan’s representatives in the Fashion World and we must agree that they have been successful in bringing a revolution. Tokyo Fashion Week is famous for launching one of the most unusual fashion apparels.  WTAPS and BAPE have made their mark in the Fashion World with eccentric streetwear. United Arrows, Dover Street, deliver the immersive and unique experience of trends. By this, this Fashion City Tokyo is one of the most unique and interesting fashion locations.

Well, that was the list of some most Fashionable cities in the world. If you liked the article, do leave a comment In the comment box.  

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