Searching for Diwali Dates and when is Diwali in 2019? Ready to celebrate the festival of crackers? But be safe, don’t hurt yourself. India is busy cleaning their houses, doing shopping and buying new things for their relatives or loved ones or house because Deepawali is coming.

People wait for the festive season to start so that they can meet their relatives or family members and spend some quality time with them. In today’s era where everyone is busy, only the festival time is there when we get to meet our loved ones and celebrate with them. Well we are going to give you details about when is Diwali in 2019.

Diwali Dates and 5 Days of Diwali Significance

diwali dates and when is diwali

As you know the dates of Deepawali keep on changing every year, today we will be declaring the Deepawali dates of 2019 and 2020. The date of 2019 is confirmed whereas the dates of the other two years may vary.

Diwali date 2019 – 27th October.

Diwali date 2020 – 14th November.

Decorative Ideas for Diwali:

After telling you the Diwali dates, let me share some amazing decorative ideas using which you can decorate your home this festival:

1) Rangoli:

Creating Rangoli outside your house will be a beautiful way to start your festival. You can bring lots of colours and take design ideas from any magazine or internet and make Rangoli with your friends. You can even participate in malls that organizes coupons or gift vouchers for their customers.

2) Lampshades:

You can bring home designer lampshades that you can light up at the night time. You can even make your own lampshades to avoid buying the Chinese material from the market.

3) Toran:

If you have just moved into your new house, then you can decorate the entrance door using beautiful torans.

4) Candles and Diyas:

Brighten up your house by lightning up designer candles and diya. If you love doing craft then you can make your own Diyas using seashells, fruit peels, dough and more.

5) Floating Candles:

Floating candles will add more beauty to your house. Bring it from the market or make it by yourself.

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We hope all your doubts about Diwali dates 2019 and when is Diwali in 2019 clear. We wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali. Have fun with your loved ones, have sweets and tasty dishes and make this Diwali the most memorable one. Stay safe and have a cracker free Diwali as the level of pollution will go very high during this festival period