Rangoli Designs For Diwali : The months of the festival is going on and we are very near to Deepawali. We all are aware of why we celebrate Diwali festival but now we must think of other ways through which we can celebrate Diwali instead of burning crackers because we all know what harm it causes to us.

Crackers are nowadays the worst thing because it is made up of gunpowder, chemicals through which we suffer through the noise and other pollutions.

Everybody is busy doing the Diwali shopping, cleaning the houses, preparing to cook tasty food, but one thing we are forgetting is “Rangoli” that adds more sugar to the festival.

So, what is Rangoli? How one can make it? From where we can get ideas? We have the answer to all your questions because today we are going to list down the top 10 Rangoli Designs for Diwali and  Beautiful Images Of Rangoli that can you go through.

Festivals are the only time when we get to spend memorable moments with our family and loved ones, it is the time when we meet them after months or years and Rangoli is a thing that plays one of the most important roles in not only Diwali but any kind of festival.

What is Rangoli Design?

rangoli designs for diwali

India is really incredible because of its food, culture, religion and many more things especially arts. Talking about Rangoli Design, it is basically an art in the form of colors that are made on the floor. You will easily find millions of ideas and patterns to create it on the floor using the different type of colors.

Apart from colors, you can also use wheat flour, flower petals, leaves, and many more things. It is made in the festivals like Pongal, Onam, Tihar, and Diwali of course.

Why Creating Rangoli Design is A Good Idea?

It is said that people draw Rangoli outside there houses to welcome happiness and good luck. The designs may vary according to the culture or religion but the purpose behind designing it is the same in every religion. Go through the beautiful rangoli images that we have collected only for you.

Top 10 Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2018:

1. Round and Round:

Image Source: Beauty Tips

Design a beautiful and colorful Rangoli Designs using your favorite colors in round shape. You can also use the above image for the reference or make the same, completely depends on you. Once the design is completed, you can place diyas at the corner and in the center to make it more beautiful.

2. Ganesha Face:

Image Source: Vanitynoapologies

We all believe that God can be in any form. None of us have seen them. Making Rangoli design at the corner of the door with the face of Lord Ganesha will bring more peace and happiness. You can design the face using any color. You can even worship it as it includes a face of Ganesh ji. Keep a diya in the center and it will add more beauty to it.

3. Net Design:

Image Source: Happy Shappy

If you want to design something unique with Diya combination, then net designs are highly recommended. You can either take the idea from the above image or you can implement your own style referring to this image. Creativity never ends, it keeps on growing.

4. Simple, Short and Sweet:

Many of you might not be liking very high level designs. Don’t worry. We have the solution for you too. As you can see in the above image the Rangoli Design for Diwali is quite small and simple yet attractive. So, you can make Rangoli in your compound in this way too.

5. Flower designs:

Image Source: Styles At Life

Love to design Rangoli using flowers? Want some unique ideas? Here it is. You can use jasmine, sunflowers, roses, lilies, orchid, and many more flowers to make a beautiful rangoli at the corner or your room or in the pooja room. Make sure that you use a good amount of flowers otherwise the beauty ofRangoli will become dull. Keep dropping some drops of water on it so the flowers will stay fresh.

6. Nature designs:

Image Source: YouTube

With the help of this small design of nature, you are not only making the Rangoli but also spreading a great message that we should keep our surroundings clean to have a beautiful and pollution free nature. A picture says thousands of things that words can’t even express. Pick up the best corner outside your house and draw a Rangoli similar to this.

7. Durga Maa:

Image Source: Beauty Tips

As I said, God can be in any form. If you belive and worship Goddess Durga and want to thank her for giving you such a wonderful life then one of the best way is by designing a Rangoli of Durga Maa in the pooja room. Never create a Rangoli design of God outside the house, always try to make it inside.

8. Flowers and Leaves

Image Source: recruit2network.com

A combination of flowers and leaves always works right? If you don’t like colors, then making a Rangoli using flowers and leaves either artificial or real will be an amazing option.

9. Floral Design:

Image Source: Smart Indian Women

Another amazing design that you can refer to create Rangoli design from flowers outside your house. You can even customize the design according to your likings.

10. Vegetables design:

Image Source: eBuild

The highness of creativity! Can you even imagine that you can create a Rangoli design using vegetables? Interesting concept, right? But yes it can be done and you can see the above image for sample.

Also we have collected Happy Diwali Images for you to share with your friends and family.

Conclusion about Rangoli Designs For Diwali :

So, ready to enjoy the festival? This diwali decorate your house with colors and flowers. Our team wishes you a very happy and safe Diwali. Try to avoid crackers as much as possible. Have an amazing time with family and create memories. Life is short so dont get serious and enjoy each moment!