Searching for Best URL Shortener Websites? The technique of URL shortening is a prevalent aspect on the Internet where a URL or Uniform Resource Locator can be made quite shorter but will still be able to direct the user to the desired page. You can achieve this with the help of a redirect, which helps in linking the website, which has a long URL. Even sometimes, the domain name is shorter than the original one. In this aspect, the use of a friendly URL will be beneficial in messaging technologies which can limit the character numbers in a message, also for the reduction in the quantity of typing needed while copying the desired URL from one source to another just to make it easier for the person to remember the URL while copying or also for permalink.

Best URL Shortener Websites

Best URL Shortener Websites

Our lives have become more comfortable with the help of the Internet. Now you can make money online from anywhere with the help of the Internet. You can even make money from URL shortening also. Now we know what URL shortening is along with that you should also know about Google URL and, which are popular websites that can help you to shorten links. In the first part of the process, you have to sign up with any company or a website that provides these services, and then you have to work on a shortening URL. Whenever someone clicks on the sites which have been shortened by you, you will receive or money or get paid. It is quite simple to get money, depending on the number of people click on your URL link. Here are some websites which can help you get money by shortening URL.

Let’s dive deep into the topic without wasting any time and find out which is the Best URL Shortener Websites to make money online like a pro.

1) ly

It is one of the most popular websites for shortening URLs. You can also get cash by reducing URL links and also promoting these URL links, although this website has been blocked in India and some countries due to some reasons. It is still one of the best sites to make money by shortening URL. This website can pay you around 8 dollars per thousand views. The threshold of this payment is 5 dollars, and the rest is done monthly by using PayPal.

2) LinkShrink

The second website on this list is the LinkShrink. These websites can differ based on various countries i.e., different countries have different payouts. For example, if you are a resident of the United States of America, you will get around 4 dollars for a thousand views while in India, you can get only .85 dollars for the same 1000 views. The threshold of the payment amount is precisely like that of, which is 5 dollars and via Paypal. You will get the payment on every first and the sixteenth day of the month, although you can also make more money by becoming an affiliation where the commission rate is about 15% for each referral.

3) st

Just like the other websites, Short.est also pays the user every time they use it to shorten a website. The only way the user can get the payment is if they have an account, have done the work, or shorten a link and also do not have any ad blocker installed. These three factors are significant. This website pays around 8.60 dollars for the people in the United States of America. Although for people residing in India, the payment is only .58 dollars. The withdrawal rate also differs based on different websites like 5 dollars for PayPal. Twenty dollars for Payoneer and Web Money, it is 5 dollars. There is also the option to make money by using the referral option, which gives you 20% for the referral.

4) VC

It is also a very popular website for URL shortening, just like the previous websites on this list. This website is a mass link shorter website that will pay you if you shorten the links. It will pay you for two categories interstitials which is CPM (1000) and also Top banner CPM. Taking an example, in the United States of America, for any unique interstitials, you can quickly get 5 dollars. In the case of raw, you will be able to get 2.25 dollars, although it will not pay you anything for the top banners. Still in India, the website provides better prices compared to other sites in this list, which is 1.12 dollars for interstitials and .60 dollars for raw.

 5) us

For this website, the payment can rise to 8.70 dollars for the residents in the United States of America just for a thousand views while in India, it can only be .60 dollars. The threshold of the payout is although 10 dollars every month. The referral program can let you earn up to 20% of the generated revenue. This website will pay you via PayPal and also Bitcoin.

6) URL Cash

The above websites were the most popular, although there are other less popular websites also which you can use to make money by shortening sites. One of them is URLcash. It is an excellent website, especially for bloggers and website owners. This website can pay you almost up to 905 of the income. You can also make 35% for the referrals as well as 13% more based on what your referrals make. You will be able to make money via PayPal, Paxum, and Payza.

 7) PW

This website can pay up to almost 70% of whatever the advertisers are paying them. The pay, although differs from country to country. In India, the pay is just .70 dollars comparing to 3.50 dollars of US residents.

 8) im

It is quite popular, and you can earn around 5.50 dollars for interstitials of 1000 CPM while .80 dollars for CPM with banner ads.

 9) CashFly

This website will pay you for two bases, which are Action Ad and Full page Ad. In India, the pay is 1.11 dollars.

 10) io

The pay rates are quite flat for this website. For the US, they pay 2.55 dollars for 1000 views while ion India it is 1.5 dollars.

Wrapup about best URL shortener websites

There are usually several reasons for using URL shortening. Sometimes the regular long links can be considered as aesthetically unpleasing. Sometimes a lot of web developers can pass descriptive attributes in the URL for representing data hierarchies, the structure of commands, transaction paths, and even session information. This aspect can lead to URLs being very long, containing very intricate character patterns. Long URLs can be complicated to remember, while short URLs are more comfortable to copy and use.