No freelancer is alien to the exhausting task of finding work; work that suits their desire and whims. It turns out; technology has a solution for it too. Today there are numerous best freelance websites whose objective is to help professionals find work and make money online by working from home or office.

What Are Freelance Websites?

Freelance websites are platforms wherein both employers and job finders put up their offers. In this way, the freelancer exposes himself to a million job possibilities. They have the liberty to not only apply for multiple projects simultaneously but also choose them according to their preference. These freelance websites help kick-start one’s career as they sharpen their skills taking various projects from different employers.

Best Freelance Websites To Find Work

top 10 Best Freelance Websites in world

One will also find websites dedicated to specific tasks. There are websites for general freelance jobs, freelance writing, designing, and photography work, jobs calling for developers and assistants, video editing, customer support and much more.

Here is a list of internet’s best freelance websites picks:


upwork is the best freelance website to make money online from home

Upwork is perhaps the best website to suit the working preferences of all. It undeniably has one of the largest and best employer-employee networks and lay claim to over 1.5 million clients. The site hosts job offers for all sorts of jobs, both short term and long term projects and or freelancers of all levels- from freshers to professionals. One also has the liberty to apply for work paid by the hour or per project. You never know, you might even receive a call from ell established clients like Microsoft, Dropbox, etc.


Get online job at flexjobs

The site is not only a source of freelance online jobs but also flexible and remote gigs. Whatever this site has in store is well researched and monitored with no risk or chances for scamming. Flexjobs does not come for free. One has to pay $14.95 to gain access to its sprawling network of employers and is worth every bit of your penny. It does not end here, freelancers will find here tips on job searching and can even apply for skill tests. Members are likely to receive exclusive discounts through partnering websites.


fiverr for freelancers

In here, the freelancers can present already worked on projects to the public. It helps the employers and clients pick somebody that fits their job profile easily. The website is unlike traditional sites. Here, the freelancers construct their jobs according to their skills and market their services for the various clients. The basic price per project is $5.


people per hour freelance website

PeopleperHour is a hub for freelancers since it has a plethora of various types of job offers. Whether one is looking for customer support and client service or web development, multimedia production, designing, writing or marketing, it has a broad spectrum. All one needs to do is open a free PeoplePerHour account, highlight experiences, objectives, and skills. You can find work in any of the three ways- Post “Hourlies”, Respond to Job Postings and Client Solicitations.

The site deducts a commission of 15% on the very first 175 and 3.5% on extra earnings in a particular month. Sending an invoice will cost you a pound.


Toptal Best Freelance Websites

Toptal is a relatively new addition to the list and is an excellent platform for pro software developers. Unlike its contemporaries, the site pays out at high rates, but the screening process is pretty tight. The freelancers have to pass a series of screening processes before they can even approach clients with significant projects. A mere 3% of the applications make it through after different tests and interviews.


FREELANCER is worlds biggest freelance marketplace

Freelancer has nearly 32 million registered users. It claims itself to be “the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing marketplace”. To keep at par with this number, you will find here a great variety of projects formatted either as contests or hourly. You can avail only eight free applications after which you have to pay the membership fee. The site has multiple membership plans- Intro, Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier. Freelancer is the best website where you can get part time jobs easily.


iFreelance is a perfect fit for freelancers looking for services in administration, designing, accounting, marketing, writing, and programming. Of course, you have to purchase its membership plan. On the brighter side, the site does not ask for any commission on your earnings. The basic membership will cost you $6.25, and from there it can go up to $12. According to your membership level, your project bids will receive importance. Members with basic membership can post their services to a maximum of 3 subcategories whereas gold members can do so to numerous.


guru best freelance website in India

The site has effectively created a network of clients and companies with freelancing designers, writers, translators, accountants, and developers worldwide. Depending upon your membership level, Guru charges 4.955 to 8.95% of the payment on each project. Here, the freelancers can showcase and advertise their skills for companies to pick up. There is no need for bidding here, and you will receive the payment in either hourly or flat-fee basis.

If you are a developer then you can create WordPress plugins for websites and earn good money out of it.


99DESIGNS website for freelancers

As the name suggests, 99Designs is a site specially crafted for designers. 99Designs structures its jobs as contests and hence competition can be quite steep here with millions of applications gushing in. Here, the client usually generates briefs to which freelancers submit their drafts. The work demanded can range from book covers, logos, screenprints, and advertising material, among others.


cloudpeeps best freelance websites

CloudPeeps is a website well suited to freelancers looking for jobs in the field of marketing, general copywriting and social media. Although, take note that the site expects applicants with experience and hence are a bit exclusive. It might be hard to join but once accepted, work comes in natural.

Wrapup on Best freelance websites in the world

Freelancing allows you to shape your hobby or passion into a career. It is a great way to give your life a new perspective when you can no longer handle your desk or office job. Initially, finding appointments that suit your taste and skill might seem like a challenge, but the window of opportunity is vast if you know the right place to look.

We hope you liked our article about the best freelance websites. All the websites mentioned above are legal and best to get work from home opportunities. If we have missed any freelance website then kindly let us know, we will be happy to add it in the list.