The workout routine you choose has a huge impact on how quickly you see growth and on how effectively you are able to meet your fitness and body goals. While time can be an issue for people with a hectic schedule or child care to be concerned about, dedicating five days a week to strength training and lifting weight plates is often the most effective way to quickly gain mass without overtraining your muscles and ensuring you allow your body enough time to rest.

What To Consider When Making Your 5-Day Split

The Best 5 Day Split Routine

As you put together your weekly exercise routine, you will need to consider your personal fitness goals and available time to put towards training. With five-day splits, often called dude splits, you are essentially dedicating each day of the week to a specific muscle or group of muscles. This method is opposed to other workout routines that include a full-body workout during every session. However, split training often allows for the most mass gain in the shortest time period.

When putting together your plan, you want to combine body parts that go well together. Make sure there is plenty of rest between muscle groups that often work together to complete combination moves, such as chest and shoulders. This requires some strategy for developing the order in which you target different parts of the body.

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Your 5-Day Split Schedule

Here is one option for what your fitness routine should look like for the week to achieve balanced muscle growth and allow ample recovery time. This schedule includes a straight five days of workout routine with two rest days at the end.

  1. Chest and triceps
  2. Legs
  3. Back and biceps
  4. Shoulders
  5. Core
  6. Rest
  7. Rest

Personalizing Your Routine

Depending on your personal goals, you can strive to work out somebody’s parts twice a week by adding triceps to the end of your shoulder workout and biceps to the end of your back workout. Since there are four main muscles that make up your legs, you can implement two leg days a week; one day can focus primarily on quads and the other day can focus on the hamstrings and glutes.

You can add cardio to the beginning of each day or include a heavy cardio session with your core day. You may also benefit from moving one of your rest days to the middle of your routine if your upper body is feeling strained, such as after your back and biceps days. For your rest days, you can choose to allow your body to rest completely or implement some easy core strengthening, light lifting with dumbbell weights, yoga, walking, or another time of active recovery exercise.

Start Training

With this five-day split, you can give each of your muscles the attention they need to grow and strengthen. While not everyone can dedicate five days a week to working out, it is the best way to get results. Complete your workout at home by investing in all the equipment you need, including a fitness bar and weights, to start reaching your goals right away.