Best Airlines in World: The journey is that step in everybody’s life that throws challenges, lessons, and apart from difficulties gives pleasures too. Life is a continuous journey and not a destination to stop so keep moving forward in life always.

Earlier many years ago when someone needs to travel from one place to another they have to use road transport or waterways find there is ocean connected perhaps takes many more days than today’s easy-going, time-saving transport take.

Earlier with the heavy huge luggage, it is burdensome to travel by roads or cruise. However, the changes took place in every field of life, and hence traveling became uncomplicated and effortless with the use of the airplane for public transport, earlier it was only used by higher administration authority.

To fly high is once not possible for human beings but advancement in technology proved it wrong so now there are enormous privatized companies engaged in the airline business and providing with the best of their facilities within the budget mentioned by them.

A journey with a thousand miles began with 1 step and to help in that basic step these airline companies in the world play a crucial role.

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So, today I am going to list down the top 10 best airlines in the world – 2020 list. The list only includes the name of leading airlines, it does not have any type of connection with the traveling fares as it is a completely different thing.

Top 10 Best Airlines in The World

best airlines in world

From this list one can only choose the airline from which they want to cover the entire journey, the cost may vary depending upon the various facilities provided by the respective airlines.

1) Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is maintaining the top position for years in providing the best luxurious services to their customers. Started in 1972, always known for providing the “best first-class” therefore it has maintained the same position as it serves with the most comfortable seats similar to the bed at home.

2) Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways needs no introduction as it is already ranking on the 2nd position when it comes to the top best airlines in 2020, the airline flies in 80 different countries ensures that there are no security concerns, the airline flies with perfect safety record with world-class hospitality provided inside the airplane and has 5-star ratings in food and beverages, seat comfort feels like sitting in a lounge.

3) Wizz Air

It is a Hungarian airline, head office situated in Budapest, This airline travels in many parts of Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Best known for its quality food products served to travelers and more often discounted tickets are also available. Plus it has its own app named Wizz Air app for an easy to get the boarding passes.

4) Virgin Atlantic Airways

A British airline with head office in the United kingdom flies 30 places across the world from North America to African countries or to Asian countries. A trustworthy and in the timely calculated airline in the year 2020

5) Qantas Airways

An Australian airline and one of the oldest airlines in the world serving with their fabulous luncheons and hospitality. The fare therefore according to the remarkable facilities is high.

6) ETIHAD Airways

The United Arab Emirate’s airline always comes in the best category of the airline in the world known for its punctuality. It serves in 84 destinations across the globe and given the slogan as- from Abu Dhabi to the world

7) Lufthansa

The German airline, serve in 220 destinations across the globe. It is the biggest airline in Europe and gives free baggage allowances on all intercontinental flights. its longest flight is of 13hours and 55 minutes.


Eva stands for evergreen, a Taiwanese international airline. It is a 5-star airline that serves 62 destinations. Similar to its name the facilities are also evergreen and freshly provided by the crew members.


An airline of Thailand that serves 84 destinations in 37 countries, the slogan of this airways is smooth as silk and with expertise crew members and pilot and co-pilot.

10) INDIGO Airlines

An Indian international airline that serves 59 destinations. Have affordable fare of tickets, hassle-free operations with stupendous space, and phenomenal crew members available at any time.

Indigo is not only famous for providing luxurious services but it is also known for serving the best food compared to other airlines. You can always enjoy a hot meal on board and they will surely make your journey more relaxing.

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Final Words!

The best and effortless journeys are remarkable to embrace the journey these top-class equipped with the latest technologies, the airline is at your feet to serve you with their best.

Mentioned above are the top 10 best airlines 2020 list, if you are fed up from your regular routine and want to take a break from your professional life then it’s high time to compare the rates of each flight on various websites, after comparing booking the tickets for the place where you want to go and enjoy your vacation, packing your bags and moving towards the airport.

Life is never meant to be taken seriously, all you need to do is get settled financially so that you can enjoy your life as per your rules and no one can say you even a single word.

Though there are many other amazing airlines too, the top 10 best airlines of 2020, is been listed above. You can plan according to your schedule. Take a break, go on a vacation with your friends, family or loved ones, pamper yourself, and enjoy life.