Almost a year back a very cute girl named Sasha Chettri entered everyone’s lives with Airtel 4G Ads and left a very good impression on the audience that she became the most talked about T.v celebrity at one point of time.

Well she has fit in the role of Airtel 4G girl so well that “you can like her, you can hate her but you cannot ignore her” . Sasha Chettri’s Airtel ad showcasing Airtel 4G challenge to everyone became a big hit but at the same time she was trolled by a lot of people.

If the new ad series launched by Airtel 4G campaign, Sasha Chettri is seen taking a dig at herself only. At first  she admits that she doesn’t know about all the services provided by Airtel ! yes it is very shocking !

The new set of Ads have been conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu which shows Airtel 4G girl on a vacation with her friends. This new Ads are trying to prove that Airtel has the best and widest 4G network in India. In one Ad which is set in Umiam Lake of Shillong where her friends tell her that she is very famous on television and non-stop, loud speaker. Sasha in reply said, i agree “Thoda over ho gaya…Glad we are here, 4G se bhi break, public se bhi break!” But Sasha later realised that 4G is available in Umiam Lake of Shillong also when a little girl from the tribes play a song on her phone and said that she is using Airtel 4G.

In one more Ad in which Sasha is enjoying with her friends in Shimla when she said how she did “Full time Yak-Yak!” for Airtel 4G but again she is surprised to see Airtel 4G network in hills of Shimla.

Well, we appreciate Airtel’s effort for coming up with such great idea which makes fun of it’s old Ads. “Brave attempt we must say”.

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