Every year all of us plan a family vacation to take a break from hectic work load and spend some quality time with family members. Vacation planning starts 1 or 2 months prior to the trip and every one is desperate for that much awaited break.  With beautiful places to explore in india and around the world and would like to visit the best placees and don’t want anything to go wrong.  We would not like to visit Hippie and rave party places with family, So today we have a list of places you should never visit with family.

1) Pattaya, Thailand

7 Places You Should Never Visit With Family walking street pattaya

You might have heard about Pattaya from your friends and colleagues. This is the most preferred bachelorette destination with ladyboy shows, red light area and Thai kick boxing shows, This place will give you a lot of memories but we are sure you would not like to visit here with family.

2) Afghanistan

7 Places You Should Never Visit With Family taliban in afghanistan

This is the most feared place to visit as there are many terrorist activities happening there by taliban group. Afghanistan ranks on 3rd position on the list of places that you must not visit with your family and friends both. Activities like Murder and kidnapping are quit famous there.

3) Amsterdam, Netherlands

places to visit in amsterdam

Amsterdam is the party paradise which youngsters are looking for. High Life, Music Festivals … what else does some one require more on a vacation ? But if you are planning to visit Amsterdam with your parents then you need to think again as this party paradise is full of Drugs, Prostitutions and many other hidden mystery. Why to trouble parents when you can enjoy Bachelor-hood with friends and relax.

4) Kasol, India

rave party in kasol parvati valley

Kasol is a must visit place but a solo trip would be more interesting than a family vacation to Kasol, yup taking your friends along with you on a trip to kasol will be a great experience. Kasol is in the lap of Parvati Valley, Kullu. This is place attracts more foreign tourists because of illicit drugs, raves and hippie party. Kasol is your haven if you want to stay connected with heaven and get high.

5) Las Vegas, USA

party at las vegas

What happens in Vegas only stays in vegas if you are on a vacation with your friends. Las Vegas is original sin city of world which can show you stars even in the day light. broke nights and quick wedding are most common things happening here. It’s better not to travel some other place in USA but now Vegas with parents.

6) Acapulco, Mexico

parties in Acapulco Mexico

One of the most famous partying destination in world is Acapulco, Mexico. This place has some beautiful beaches, fancy restaurant and amazing coast line. Before you add up this place to your vacation wish list you need to know that Acapulco is the worlds second most violent place. If you hear a gun shot here then chill, it’s daily routine here and yea murders are common here.

7) Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Spain night life

Ibiza, Spain can provide you a breathtaking ecstatic party experience in terms of Sex, Drugs, Booze and more. This place is said to be world’s party capital so you can obviously miss out your family and travel to this beautiful place with your friends to attend some mind blowing parties.