Tamasha banaake rakha hua hai life ka!” This is a statement said by almost all unhappy parents to there children’s. The latest bollywood movie Tamasha which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone shows the actual meaning of the word Tamasha. The Movie may be a fun ride to watch but it has some important life lessons for the current generation.

Life is a Tamasha !!

Parents always compare there children by taunting look at “Guptaji ka beta” , See how much package “Sharmaji ka beta” ha got and blah blah. The lead role in movie Tamasha Ranbir kapoor aka Ved would have lived the same life as others if he had not met the love interest of his life Deepika Padukone aka Tara.

Life is never meant to be taken seriously – chase your dreams and live a fun filled life !! Here are 5 lessons Tamasha taught us what not to do in life.

1) Don’t kill the child in you

Keep one thing in mind, Becoming mature is not the growing old, It’s okay to play your favourite games if it gives you happiness. And boys, if girls din’t stop sleeping with there teddy bear hugging it tight then why did you stop playing with Hotwheels ?

tamasha matargasti photo

2) Is this all what you really want?

You always meet friends who pass out college as Computer Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers or an MBA who go to “uber-cool” offices with thousands of people around in formal clothes. Is this what you really want from your life ?

Indians are very much obsessed with Cricket, Engineering and Wedding. If your childhood dream was to become a writer, astronaut, singer, cricketer or a painter then what are you doing as an engineer ? Making a lot of money ? like seriously ? Does money give happiness ?

Ved forgot what kabir thought in yeh jawaani hai deewani. The two epic lines brought Kabir and Naina togather.

Ban liya apna Paigambar, tar liya tu saat samandar,

Phir bhi sookha mann ke andar kyon reh gaya?

You have decided your destiny in life and tried to fulfil your wanderlust but what you are still dissatisfied and unhappy with your life . what do you exactly want from life ?

ranbir kapoor and deepika padukone emotional scene in tamasha

3) Your people are your parachute

While chasing you dreams don’t let your friends, mentors and family become less important in life. Let your dreams remain where they are because without the support of friends and family it is not possible to achieve your dreams .

Share your plan with them and try to convince them. Trust your people because they are parachute to your life.

ranbeer kapoor in tamasha

4) Don’t Mix Personal & professional

Is her going away from you affecting your life and work both ? Think again is it really her ? The worst time in your life is when you break up on the day of your promotion.

All you need to do is take a break, explore the world around you and do what makes you happy so that you can divert your mind and learn to keep the balance !!

tamasha movie quotes

5) Choose your boss wisely

Always remember one rule in life, never let less competent people let rule your life and tell you whats your job.

Try to know whats, whys and how tasks are assigned to you. If you would have seen Tamasha then you might be knowing what happens if you have a khadus boss.

tamasha movie ranbir kapoor