7 Craziest Bollywood Fan Tattoos


You can’t call yourself a true Bollywood fan if you haven’t done what this guys have done, it is truly amazing to see this die hard fan’s of Bollywood actors who have made permanent tattoo of there favourite superstar.

1) Crazy SRK fan

This lady has a Shahrukh Khan tattoo on her back which looks very realistic, ain’t it amazing. True Fan she is.


srk fan

2) This John Abraham Fan

This girl who is from indore is such a big fan of John that she has got him etched on her arm. John’s look with the long hair’s reminds every one about the super hit movie Dhoom.

John Abraham Fan

3) This Singham fan

This crazy Ajay Devgan fan from jaipur was so impressed with Ajay’s performance in Singham tha he got the same tattoo that Ajay sported in the movie! This guy seems to be a true Singham/Ajay Devgan fan

ajay devgan fan

4) Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik  has huge fan following but out of all this man from Delhi came all the way to mumbai to get this tattoo done and the interesting thing about this tattoo is that this man is married and his wife din’t know about his tattoo for days.hrithik roshan 5) This Sanju Baba Fan

Well this is an awesome piece of art, the only thing missing is statutory warning about smoking cigarette.

sanjay dutt fan

6) This Roadie

This guy from jaipur is so obsessed with Roadies and Raghu ram that he has done Raghu’s tattoo on his arm,his fandom doesn’t stop as he insists every one to call him a roadie. Crazy Roadie’s fan.
raghu ram fan

7) This Bhai Fan

Salman has huge number of fans but we have this guy who has tattooed salman khan on his body … lol
salman khan fan

Note :- Think twice before getting such tattoo . 

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