Have you ever had problems that you couldn’t discuss with your parents, perhaps about an upcoming exam or relationship issues? Of course you have. You probably didn’t want to show your weakness or worry them that you are about to rip your hair off. There is always some nagging tension or anxieties creeping up on you as the days pass by until one day you’ve had enough. You break down and wonder how did you get here?

Why the youth of India dealing with several complex issues should embrace life and focus on the positive things of life and integrate Dear Zindagi on Zee Cinema

Today youth have more things to worry about than the Mughals had to, 500 years ago. We have to be modern in our thinking, yet follow the traditional practices of our respected families; we have to make sure we keep up with the updates in technology taking place nearly every second. We have to make sure that we are working towards the goals in our life while also managing our very supportive partner(S) along the way. Every minute a new list is made, a new task is to be performed and a new goal is to be accomplished. And this goes on and on and on. Why reach a point when you are juggling hundred things together to realise that you need to slow down? Or take a break? Or simply breathe? Dear zindagi is one such movie that tells you to let go of all your inherent fears and love life with all its ups and downs! It is not only an entertainment cinema but also an eye-opener.

Why the youth of India dealing with several complex issues should embrace life and focus on the positive things of life and integrate Dear Zindagi on Zee Cinema

Earlier, any association with a psychiatrist meant that the person was either mentally unhinged or retarded. It’s shocking how a lot of people continue to think the same. Dear Zindagi revolves around a film-maker Kiara (Alia Bhatt) and her problems in relationships with men, friends and family. Her choices and dilemmas are what every youth at some point or the other are going through. We see how she is unable to hold on to relationships because of her childhood insecurity of dealing with her parent’s abandonment of her.

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In a way, Kiara’s life represents the complexity of problems faced by the youth who are afraid to talk about it, or are shut down by others. Her story gives a voice to the silenced. She has no one to talk to until she meets Jug (ShahRukh Khan), a psychologist. Only then does she realise that problems needs to be discussed no matter how big or small they are. Jug uses unconventional methods to make Kiara fall in love with life once again. One thing that you will absolutely love about the movie is the simple life lessons taught by Jug. The movie focuses on the importance of sharing your problems, the art of solving them, and emphasizes on not always taking the difficult path to reach your goals, because sometimes the easy way or ‘sasta rasta’ is just what you need. As an audience you also learn the importance of forgiveness, in order to truly grow, like Kiara did.

Unknowingly, some movies leave a massive impact upon us as a society and on all the ideologies that we foster. Such unconventional movies need to be showcased more often to a wider audience, especially on television. Thankfully, Zee Cinema is premiering Dear Zindagi on 23rd April at 12 PM. Think of me as your messiah or ‘shubh-chintak’ and watch this incredible movie this Sunday, because you’ll thank me later. After all, what is better than a Sunday to embrace life and the problems that come along with it through the adventures of Kiara and Jug.

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