Are you planning to apply for management program? Whether you want to sharpen your reading comprehension skills or hone your business and managerial abilities, here are some magazines which would help you.

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The magazines, listed in descending order (in terms of their importance) below give an insight into the world of business.

1) The Economist

The Economist is a magazine that focuses on business and professional topics. It does not cover political or entertainment subjects. By being an avid reader of the Economist one can prepare themselves for the GMAT exam, a professional life and get to know the proper business school. The Economist gives an idea in choosing the type of MBA course to pursue and offers a more technical approach to business.

2) Bloomberg Businessweek

The Bloomberg Businessweek is known to provide business-oriented news in a slightly more entertaining way than The Economist and includes a regular column of business news, latest world affairs, trending tech, finance and management oriented news. Reading the Bloomberg Businessweek provides a beginner with the proper introduction to business. This magazine is worth enough to read and provides a lighter approach into business by giving the reader more than business news to read about.

3) The New Yorker

The New Yorker founded in 1925, is an American magazine known to be synonymous with the culturally elite. It was initially humour dependent and later, covered fiction and literature. It has a mix of news like world affairs, entertainment, cartoons, fiction, festivals and poetry. It is not a business magazine but one that will give the reader a wide scope of knowledge and an analytical thinking mind. The magazine has a dense depth in language which will be useful during a verbal test.

4) The Atlantic

The Atlantic was founded in the year 1857 and is a multi-platform publisher. It was initially created as a literary reviews magazine. The magazine’s founders were famous writers like R. W. Emerson and H. W. Longfellow. The Atlantic is known for it’s in depth and intellectual coverage. This magazine alone has won many National awards in comparison to any other magazine. It has articles on art, politics, business, social events, literature and education will have a deep impact on the minds of the reader.

5) Wired

Wired is a magazine that is available both online and in print. It mainly deals with the trending technology in the business world. Concerned about the philosophical and stylish experience of innovation and additionally the logical mechanics of the innovation itself and its business consequences, Wired achieved fame that was recognizable by everyone. The need to be aware of the latest innovation is necessary for business. This magazine exhibits reviews about all the newly invented gadgets, puzzles, brainteasers and other topics that would be useful during discussions in any B-school.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other magazines which an MBA aspirant can opt for business inspiration and advice. Like, the MBA Gym which is a product of the Financial Times and offers work-out on all the subjects in an MBA course. It also helps in getting to know the subjects better.