If you have a startup project, your digital strategy is one of the most important elements to get users, customers, and traction. Let’s review the main keys to your online strategy. In innovative projects, the difference between success and failure can be made in small strategic decisions. With these recommendations, you will have the most important clues for reflection to have a complete vision of your digital approach.

You can’t do it all by yourself

The first tip is a warning. You can be an assignment writer or highly skilled person with great digital marketing, management, or IT development knowledge. But no matter how much talent and experience you have, you can’t do it all. You need to rely on other people. They can be partners, employees, or outsourced personnel

Best Digital Strategy for Your Startup

Nowadays, you can search for freelancers on specialized platforms and find highly qualified professionals for any digital job. From copywriting to design to translation or programming, you have access to many talents. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. We will mention different strategies that you can carry out in your startup in the following points. In all of them, having professional experience will be decisive to ensure success.

Your startup’s digital strategy has to be multi-device

In recent years, the cell phone has become the preferred device for users to connect to the Internet, and it is clear that your digital strategy has to prioritize this type of equipment. However, many people use computers and tablets, especially when at home, because they can enjoy a better experience with larger screens and simplified use of functionalities.

It also has to be multi-format

If you want your users to have a good digital experience with your company, the idea is to adapt your content to the different formats best suited for each type of device. That is to say, have a web version optimized for mobiles and an app version since it is an even more efficient format for pocket devices. And that means developing it for both Android and iOS.

Startup digital strategy with social media marketing

A large part of users spend online is using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others. It is obvious that any digital strategy for a startup has to have a significant part in social media marketing. That can be achieved with a variety of techniques.

Communication with a follower base through your startup’s specific social profiles. It involves creating content and spending time interacting with the community.

Participation in groups and social channels that deal with the startup’s activity topics. Facebook groups, in particular, are a good place to communicate, as long as you don’t spam.

The hiring of advertising campaigns to reach a specific segmentation of users, with criteria such as age, gender, location, or interests. This allows increasing the potential customer base for the business.

SEO and SEM in a startup’s digital strategy

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental strategy for any company in our digital era. It consists of optimizing the pages of your website, both at the technical level and at the content level, to get to appear in good positions in Google results for specific keywords. It is a strategy that takes time and work, but the medium and long-term results can be excellent.

In parallel and complement, you can use a strategy of paying to appear in Google’s sponsored results (SEM). In this way, immediate results can be achieved. And since you only pay for clicks on the ad, it is a good way to optimize your marketing budget.

Email marketing strategy for startups

Having an email base of users is still a great advantage for any company’s digital strategy, whether it is a startup or a classic business. If you get people interested in your services to provide you with their emails, you can establish a very effective communication relationship, which leads to many sales or conversions.

There are many strategies to get signups, such as providing free content (e-book), free access to certain service features, organizing a contest, and many more.

There are two very important things in an email marketing strategy. First, you have to get emails from users interested in your services. Otherwise, the conversion rate of your actions will be very low. Secondly, you have to have frequent communication so that they do not forget about you, but not intrusive, so that they do not unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

Digital strategy based on recommendations

Users tend to try a product or service more easily if someone has previously recommended it. Therefore, you can look for three types of recommendations.

In the first phase, you can ask your family and friends to help you with recommendations, share your content, and leave good opinions on the rating pages. But don’t overuse this card, because your friends will quickly get tired of it. Use it once, at the right time.

After that, you can encourage your users to leave a review of your service. And it’s always best to do this with repeat users who are likely to share a good rating. But in any case, even a negative review helps you identify problems and improve

Finally, your startup’s digital strategy can include turning to influencers, i.e., people who have a lot of followers on social networks or reading their blog. A good opinion from one of these people can significantly boost your business.