What Is the Capital Of Australia? Survey Says 95% People Failed To Answer This

Searching for What Is the Capital Of Australia? There are a lot of questions that may look easy but are really very difficult and sometimes dangerous to answer. For example you are asked what is capital of Australia then we bet a lot of people including you won’t be able to answer this question.

According to the survey 95% People Failed To Answer The question what is the Capital Of Australia ? Do you think you know the answer ? wanna give it a try ?

What Is the Capital Of Australia?

A survey was conducted for this very simple question and we were surprised to see that 95% people failed to answer this question. Surprisingly 60% of people said Sydney, 25% said Melbourne is capital of Australia and 5% said that Perth is capital of Australia. Well let us tell you that none of the answer is correct.

The correct answer is CANBERRA . Yes CANBERRA is the capital of Australia.

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