For the last couple of months, the issue of Aarey Forest is a burning topic. Aarey is lungs to Mumbai and a huge source of Mumbai’s Fresh Air arrives from this area. Perhaps, this is the reason why Mumbaikars formed a Human Chain to protect Aarey Forest.

Nevertheless, the efforts of people were in vain and the construction of Metro Factory is still ongoing despite people’s will. Here is one a big shocking news, again from Aarey Forest.

Aarey Forest

Considering the criticality of this issue, the High Court appointed a committee to carry out inspection. In one such inspection, the committee discovered that,

MMRCL uprooted more than 1,561 trees on the Colaba to Seepz (Andheri) line, that were hampering construction work, and they were transplanted to 31 different locations over the last few years. Of these, 956 trees (61%) have died.

It is noteworthy that watching people standing against them, the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Limited promised proper transplant of trees. However, it seems they didn’t carry out the task with the proper precautions.

Many environmental activists are questioning the tree transplant. According to the experts, while transplanting the trees one must check the quality of the soil. Apart from that, there are lot many factors such as moisture, grip and proper depth of the ground.

Tree Transplant is a critical activity similar to that of Human Organ Transplant. Hence, MMRCL should’ve taken proper measures while transplanting.

It saddens us, that a forest which makes sure that Mumbaikars breath properly is getting smaller. For the sake of development, we cannot compromise with the life of the people. However, on the other hand, it feels good to see people coming out and opposing the government for the same.