Choose a lighting system that helps your 4×4 blaze trails wherever you go. Whether you’re fighting through the thickest fog while heading to town to tackling demanding off-road trails, the latest fog light options provide you with the reliable vision and visibility you need. Whether you’re searching for truck accessories store near me or shopping for the greatest deals online, take a look at these

essential steps in buying 4×4 fog lights.

Replace a Light Bulb or Mount a New Set

4x4 Fog Lights

Before purchasing new fog lights, determine whether you need new bulbs or mounting options. New mounts are ideal if you want to change the lighting design, but they take longer to install and alter the look of your truck. New bulbs are easy to change out and are more cost-effective if you’re satisfied with the performance of your OEM fog lights and simply need a replacement.

Choose a Lighting Style

Fog lights come in a range of styles and technologies to create a custom look for your 4×4. Choose a fog light shape that offers you the best beam for your driving situation. The shape of the light bulb and fixture can alter the fog-pattern beam of your lights.

For a long-lasting bulb that will keep your truck

safe in the worst weather conditions, invest in LED fog lights. The LED lighting is

not only brighter and more energy-efficient, but it also offers far more light

hours than traditional bulbs. The LED lighting can last up to 50,000 hours, which

means they’ll typically last the entire lifetime of your truck.

Pick a Color

Once you’ve determined the style and whether you need bulbs or new fixtures, compare the different colors of fog lights for your truck. LED foglights for trucks can use the following color


  • White
  • Amber
  • Yellow
  • Blue

White, or clear, fog lights are the most common for headlights and fog lights. They provide a vibrant light that makes it easier to spot anything on the road. For more customized lighting, consider using yellow or amber lenses. These colors avoid blue spectrum light, which can actually reduce your vision in foggy conditions. Your eyes aren’t as responsive to blue lighting at a distance, so fog lighting should avoid color temperatures that produce blue hues.

Consider Mounting Options

Look for fog lights that are capable of being mounted on or below your front bumper. Your 4×4 needs additional clearance to navigate unforgiving terrain, but fog lights that are mounted too high won’t be able to light up the road in extreme fog conditions.

Aim Your Lights

Aim your lights too high and you’ll have light reflected in your eyes. Ideally, your lights should be aimed at a spot four inches below the lamp center when facing a wall approximately 25 feet in front of your bumper. This gives you the best light projection to clear your vision and light up the road.

Cut Through the Fog

Shop for the best-LED lights for truck owners today. Don’t settle for generic or budget lighting that

can’t withstand harsh conditions, but invest in fog lighting that’s durable

enough to ride along on all your 4×4 adventures.